Is DMM System A Scam?

Get-rich-quick scams are everywhere on the internet, and you’ll discover that many of them fail to deliver on even the most basic promises. DMM System is one of these schemes, and we’re going to take a look at it today.

The DMM System is advertised as a simple way to earn $1,000s a day online, but you can’t always believe everything you hear. The fact is that, contrary to what these scams tell you, you will not be going to make a lot of money with little to no effort.

You should know by now that there is no such thing as easy money. With that said, there are still plenty of unsuspecting people who fall for these scams and that’s why reviews like mine exist.

In this review, I’ll explain why this method is a complete scam and why you should avoid it at all costs. If you want to learn more, just keep reading.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before signing up should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a huge favor. Your due diligence will save you from potentially wasting your time and money.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. Creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Before we proceed I’d like to let you know that I’m not linked to DMM System in any sort of way and I’m not trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’d like to show you why this program should be avoided…


DMM System Product Review

  • Name of Product: DMM System
  • Owner: Matthew Dixon
  • Type of Product: Sales Funnel Program
  • Cost of Product: $97
  • Who Is This Product Best For? No one!

DMM System Product Summary

DMM System attempts to pass itself off as an affiliate marketing program, but it’s really a high-ticket sales funnel. That alone should be enough to have you avoid this since we all know how it ends.

If you need any more proof that this program is a sham, go no further than the phony testimonials and their unsustainable business strategy.

DMM System is best described as a sleazy “get rich quick” scheme that is riddled with falsehoods and misinformation. People are enticed into this system with the expectation of getting wealthy without doing the work, but the reality is very different.

I strongly advise against purchasing this software.

Product Rating: 0/100

Would I Recommend This Program: DEFINITELY NOT!

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DMM System Background


DMM System is a website that promises to be able to make you wealthy by assisting you in making thousands of dollars online. They say that if you join the DMM System, you will become an affiliate and will be paid if you effectively market the company’s goods.

Furthermore, every sales pitch conceivable may be found on their landing page. From restricted scarcity to successful member testimonies, they have it all. But all of these only add to the fact of how suspicious their company is.

Matthew Dixon, a marketer, built the software, and this is the first time I’ve heard of him. After doing some investigation on the individual claiming to be behind this program, I came up empty-handed.

Matthew Dixon lacks a digital footprint, which often comprises social media accounts, blogs, and other relevant information about him. On the search results page, there are multiple Matthew Dixons, but none of them are online marketers. To put it shortly, the owner does not exist.

From the beginning, this is a massive red flag. Because the proprietor may be concealing his true identity. And if a company isn’t honest about who is operating the program, it’s quite probable that they aren’t who they claim to be.

This proves my point that DMM System is not a stand-alone company or product. It’s just a lead generator for a high-ticket sales funnel program that will need you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to get a decent earning.


Inside DMM System

As I already said, the whole product is made up of exaggerated promises, therefore you won’t discover any useful information regarding how it actually works. Before they show what their product is all about, the landing page is meant to get you to pay $97 on impulse by doing a thing called “scarcity” marketing.

14-Day Challenge System


The program’s real name is the 14-Day Challenge System, which isn’t unexpected given how many of these schemes have multiple names or aliases to mislead users.

You’ll be brought to their member’s area after paying $97, where you’ll discover some basic instructions on how to promote the product and generate money. To start earning commissions, you’ll also need to buy the program.

You’ll also be given a “millionaire coach” who will help you get wealthy, but all he or she will do is steer you toward the high-ticket programs through upsells, which may cost thousands of dollars each tier.

To earn money, you must purchase these commission levels and get the same amount of compensation when you recommend someone. So, if you’re on the $1,000 tier and someone you suggest purchases the same tier or higher, you’ll get $1,000.

High-Ticket Offer

We don’t know exactly what the high-ticket program is, but we have a few hints. The sales pitch looks a lot like another program called Home Income Millionaire, which is a funnel for a high-ticket curriculum called MOBE, or My Own Business Education.

Because MOBE has already been shut down by the FTC, I’m guessing you’re investing in another high-ticket scheme. However, you’re still likely to fall for MOBE since it’s still widespread.

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Getting Started with DMM System

This training and affiliate marketing scheme, according to the DMM System’s founder, costs $1,000. However, he had chosen to reduce the price to $97. This is basically scarcity marketing at work to make you believe you’re getting something valuable for such a cheap price.

DMM System Ugly Truths Exposed!

#1 Misleading

DMM System’s owner says that you may make thousands of dollars in a week or month. It claims that if you sign up, you’ll get your dream home, dream car, and dream vacation. But this isn’t true at all.

The sad fact is that the income promises are exaggerated to make it seem so amazing that you’d go for your credit card right away. The images of sports cars, houses, and boats were sourced from stock photography sources in order to create the idea of luxury.

Furthermore, since you’re paying a lot of money to create money, high-ticket programs like MOBE aren’t regarded as credible business models. This isn’t ideal in the long term since to generate a profit, you’ll need to recruit twice as many individuals into the tier you invested into.

If you purchased a $1,000 tier, you must first get two others to join the program before your earnings may be deemed profit. The first one you sign up for only compensates you for your losses.

#2 Fake Testimonials

Every testimonial you saw from DMM System’s sales video is false. They claim to have earned a lot of money with the DMM technique, however, they are hired actors from a website called Fiverr.

It’s the most common marketing strategy utilized by internet scammers to seem credible so that consumers would buy the software without hesitation.


Advantages of the DMM System

None. There are no advantages at all to joining programs like these.

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Is DMM System a Scam or a Legit Program?

DMM System is a sales funnel for a high-ticket program. They’re not what they say they are and this misleading information is enough for me to tell you to stay away from them.

Moreover, the fake owner information and testimonials all possibly indicate that the product is perhaps fraudulent and does not perform as stated.

With that said, if you’re looking for genuine and legitimate opportunities to make money online and if you’re not scared of putting in long hours, acquiring new skills, and changing your financial situation, you might want to get into affiliate marketing.

You can generate money online while also helping others by connecting people with the items and services they require or looking for.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is you can also use your knowledge of your hobbies, passions, and interests to establish your own profitable internet business.

If this is something that interests you, check out my recommendation below.

How Do I Use The Internet to Make a Full-Time Salary?

I’m not a big fan of get-rich-quick schemes, let’s just say that I’ve been caught short a few times.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my leading recommendation for people that want to build a thriving full-time online business working from home.

Here are my reasons why…

  • You can get started for Free.
  • There’s no pressure to recruit family and friends, or anyone else for that matter.
  • You can create a business from virtually any product including the ones that you already buy. You are not limited to low-income or inferior products.

Affiliate Marketing can help you to…

Generate a 4-Figure Monthly Salary and become financially free from the limitations of a traditional day job. You can do this in less than 12 months!

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