The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Keyword research is one of my favourite tasks when preparing my articles and this is primarily because I’ve opted to use the Jaaxy which makes the whole process enjoyable, efficient and time-saving.

Based on these reasons alone, Jaaxy is worthy of a review and I’ll walk you through the some of the impressive features of this user-friendly tool and why it could massively improve your marketing efforts.


The Competition

Before I dig into the features of Jaaxy, I’ll explain the main issues with competing products. If you use or have ever used a keyword tool you’ll be familiar with the information overload that’s provided on the keyword result that you’d have searched for. This probably wouldn’t phase an expert but for most newbies, this could become a daunting task that could set you up for hard times ahead!

Keyword research will naturally become the lifeblood of your content creation. Using a keyword tool that is easy to understand will put you ahead and consistently ensure that your content is ranked high and easily found within the search engines.

Another important point to note is that alternative keyword tools, in my experience, don’t provide keyword information that has much worth and consequently hinder the ranking position of your content in search engines. In other words, your content doesn’t get found by your audience or worse, is drowning in a pool of very competitive keywords.

Easily-to-Understand Accurate Data

The best feature within Jaaxy is the SIMPLE traffic light system which indicates how competitive a keyword is. The Keyword quality indicator ranges from Red (too competitive), Yellow, (it’s okay) or Green (Absolutely Go for this).

As you can see from the example provided below- I did some research on the Stella McCartney range by Adidas and found some Awesome keywords and ideas for my upcoming content.


The keyword results are split into simple sections as follows-

Avg= The average number of time that the keyword is searched per month

Traffic= Visit you should expect to your website if the keyword ranks to the first page of search engines

QSR= The number of competing websites in Google for that specific keyword.

Are You Stuck for ideas on POTENTIAL names for your site? 

When you search for a keyword using Jaaxy, it will show you Domains that are available with your chosen keyword. Another valuable resource that effortlessly provided as part of your research.

My wife can usually tell when I’m using Jaaxy as I tend to smile for unusually long periods like an idiot. The number of available domains is astounding and I find plenty with each search that I do in Jaaxy.


Are you still Struggling for Ideas?

At this point in your research you should have a good number of potential ideas and relevant keywords but if you still need more keywords or to expand your ideas even further, there’s a section entitled ‘brainstorm’ found on the right-hand side of the tool, as illustrated below.

This section will help you to find other keywords that are related to your target keyword. This feature is a Huge time-saver and actually helps me to put together some quality high ranking topics that you could research and include within your article.


Alphabet Soup Technique A-B-C easy as 123… 

Alphabet soup is similar to Google’s instant search and the technique is based on your initial keyword followed by typing in the letters of the alphabet starting with A, then seeing the suggestions at are shown as you type.

A benefit of using this technique is that you get to see popular keywords that people are using right now (more potential traffic for your site). Jaaxy takes advantage of this feature by searching for and grouping this information which can then be saved to a list that can be referred to as and when you need relevant powerful keywords. I’ve shown this below-


Time Management

The features within Jaaxy have been designed to save you time on tasks that should be simple and efficient- valuable time that could be used for more important tasks like creating content or branding your site.

I find that it’s much easier to create and save a list of keywords that I can then constantly refer to when writing my articles- Jaaxy makes this process a doddle.

It is now much easier to plan out my topics and produce wonderful high ranking articles that generate consistent revenue time and again. (Happy Days).

If you would like to try Jaaxy, you can do so by typing in a keyword in the window below and begin a FREE search right now!

Pricing Packages That Don’t Hurt Your Pocket

Even having gone through some of the awesome features that I’ve explained, I’ve hardly touched on some of the more advanced capabilities of Jaaxy that will convert your site into a money-making machine by driving more traffic to your pages using KEYWORD-RICH content!

The brainstorming, domain search and traffic light system alone will keep you ahead. You will find undiscovered keywords long before competing websites catch wind of them. How Cool Is That?

Remember, more traffic= more revenue.

With all this in mind, the good folks at Jaaxy have provided different cost-saving price packages to suit your budget. If you are only just starting up then it’s handy to take try out the starter package and see how you get on from there.

Keyword research is an important part of any online business and critical to its success!  It’s worth the investment and will pay for itself MANY times over in the long-run. The price packages are listed below-

  • Jaaxy Starter Package: Free (up to 30 searches)
  • Jaaxy Pro Package: $19 per month (unlimited searches), Best for New Websites
  • Jaaxy Enterprise Package: $49 per month (unlimited searches), Best for Power users

At the very least any newbie or seasoned niche marketer should take advantage of the free trial to see the power of this keyword tool. I’d encourage you to try out Jaaxy for yourself and see the wonders it can work to get your content easily found and your site ranked in the search engines.

Here’s to your success!

Are you considering signing up to Jaaxy? If you have any questions or need further details about my experience with Jaaxy please leave your comments below.

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