What Is Velo Vita?

Health & Wellness is one of the biggest niches online right now. In this review we’ll be looking at what is Velo Vita and whether this company is a good entry point into the MLM industry.

Nowadays, they are literally hundreds of these businesses trying to compete for the number one spot and achieve the success of companies such as Trivita, Usana and Herbalife.

Most of these upcoming business will try every trick in the book to stand out from the crowd, however, they usually let down their customers and members.

These newer businesses generally claim to have cutting-edge products made from super healthy ingredients with scientific evidence to back it up, however, when put to the test the proof is never provided.

VeloVita is one such company making bold claims and I’m going to reveal whether you should trust their products and whether you can build a sustainable business through their brand.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before buying it should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a huge favour. Your due diligence will save you from wasting money and time.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. Creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Before we proceed I’d like to let you know that I’m not linked to the VeloVita in any sort of way and I’m not trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’d like to bring to light what this company is really about and if it’s worth your time.


VeloVita Product Review

  • Name of Product:  VeloVita
  • Owners:  Jeff Mark & Kosta Gara
  • Type of Product: Health & Wellness MLM Business
  • Cost of Product:  $49.99 per month + various starter sets
  • Who Is This Product Best For? NOBODY!

VeloVita Product Summary

What is VeloVita? The business model is based around the MLM or multi-level marketing industry. Unlike other MLM brands that I’ve reviewed previously, the company promotes a single product only, which is its major pitfall. 

Unfortunately, the earning potential is minimal and there’s no evidence to show that a substantial amount of profit can be earned here which is why I wouldn’t recommend it as a sustainable option to create a full-time work from home business, but more on that later.  

Product Rating: 30/100

Would I Recommend This Product? Not a chance!

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VeloVita Explained

VeloVita is a business that focuses on multi-level marketing (MLM) within the health and wellness industry. The whole business is centered around just one product i.e. an energy drink supplement and that’s all there is to it. I’m struggling to see how, as a paying member, I’d be able to make money from this one product let alone a full-time income.


VeloVita is owned by 2 guys named Jeff Mack and Kosta Gara. These two have previous experience within the MLM industry.


Kosta Gara was the Chief Executive Advisor for a brand named iGalen who, at the time, had a lawsuit filed against them by their product supplier ATM Metabolics. Shortly after that, iGalen had significant issues accessing their main product and went bust not long after that.

During the same period, Jeff Mack was working as the CEO of a separate health company named VidaCup. It operated for 3 years before it closed down.

Not a great track record.

VeloVita Product Range

As mentioned before, VeloVita has a single product named Bran (pronounced as BRAIN). It’s a dietary supplement that’s mixed with water. It’s produced and distributed in the USA.

What is the science behind this product? Apparently, it’s a Nootropic with cutting-edge nanotechnology that instantly enhances brain function.


In layman’s terms, it’s a supplement to boost the brain using nanotechnology. Sounds like something from a science-fiction movie. Do you remember the movie Limitless?

Bran contains 16 nutrients that aid a pro-longed energy boost and mood improvement.

The supplement can be enjoyed in 3 different flavors including chocolate sea salt, lemon drop and caramel macchiato

One box of Bran comes with 25 pouches containing one serving each. The wholesale cost per box is $64.95 and the retail price is generally around $75.


Is The Product Genuine?

Bran is marketed as an energy drink and as such, it’s more than likely to contain caffeine as with other energy drinks. Below is the list of ingredients found in the drink.

Generally, most of the ingredients on the label are the chemical components that are seen on other energy drink brands.


Why do we need to keep an eye on the above?

If you’re a regular consumer of energy drinks then you probably keep track of the caffeine content, so that you can gauge the maximum amount you can drink in a day or week.

However, if the caffeine content is not shown on the labelling of an energy drink then it either means that there’s too much of it or there’s none in the drink.

If the drink doesn’t contain caffeine then chances are there’s a high amount of sugar and/or other types of empty calories.

If you’re unknowingly consuming a high amount of caffeine, your body could suffer from a number of nasty sideaffects such as tunnel vision, palpitations or irritability.

In addition to this, the caffeine crash can result in a low dip of energy.

VeloVita’s Bran drink also contains Alpha-GPC, an ingredient that we’ve seen in other “nootropics” energy drinks. For some reason, this ingredient has a bad reputation.

Another point worth highlighting is that the Bran Energy drink is priced considerably higher than other drinks. Each pouch is going to cost your customer between $3 -$4 per serving.

In comparison, a 24 pack of Red Bull costs $33.89, or $1.41 for each can.

A 24 pack of Monster Energy Drink costs $32.99 or roughly $1.37 for each can.

Therefore, Bran costs more than double the amount per serving compared to the big brands meaning that the product will be very difficult to sell to your customers.

How Do You Profit with VeloVita?

If you want to profit with VeloVita there’s 2 ways you can approach this-

  • Retail sales: You can make a profit from buying at wholesale then selling at retail price.
  • Recruitment sales: Recruit other members to the program and make money from their memberships, and their sales.

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How Do You Get Started with VeloVita?

There’s no cost involved if you decide to become a VeloVita affiliate and dropship orders, from your e-commerce website, that are subsequently fulfilled by VeloVita.

However, if you decide to sell physical products and join their MLM compensation plan, you will be charged a membership fee of $49.99 per month.

When you initially sign up you need to purchase various Bran packages. You can choose from the options below-

  • Advocate : $64.95 for one box of Bran
  • Promoter: $324.75 for six boxes of Bran
  • Influencer: $649.50 for twelve boxes of Bran
  • Ambassador: $1299 for twenty-five boxes of Bran

The larger boxes benefit from a bigger discount between the wholesale and retail price but carry the risk of bigger loses if you don’t succeed selling them.

VeloVita Compensation Plan

VeloVita’s compensation plan is lengthy and comprises of 23 pages. I won’t go through it page by page but I’ll make you aware of the most important sections.

  • Retail Commissions– this is the profit that you make from sales, which is the gap between the retail and wholesale price. The bigger the gap, the more money you make.
  • Residual commissions– Payments made to you as a result of the binary compensation plan structure. Members are placed on your right and left legs of the structure and it cascades down from there.
  • Matching bonus– These are the bonuses that you make from the bonuses earned by your downline.
  • Referral commissions– Profits from the earnings of the members that you have personally referred to the program.

VeloVita Truths Exposed!

1). Pay To Earn

VeloVita’s business model is based on you paying for the product before you can earn.

Where does that place you as a member of their compensation plan?

Essentially, you stand to make more money if you buy more of their product. It can either work to your advantage or against you.

Upon joining the program, you’re meant to choose various packages which will give you different levels of discounted rates, you are enticed into buying the more expensive packages with larger discounts, however, you stand to lose more money if the product doesn’t sell.

2). A single Product

VeloVita has a single product in their entire product range. This places you at a disadvantage compared to other MLM companies. If the product doesn’t perform well you are stuck with it and they are no other products to try out, therefore, your options are extremely limited.

3). Minimal Potential Earnings

If somehow you miraculously achieve peak performance and position yourself at the top end of the profit bracket you will potentially earn a maximum profit of 25%.

If the wholesale price is $60 and the retail price is $75 that means the profit is $15 for each sale, therefore, you will need to continuously sell 1 product per hour over 8 hours everyday for a month to earn a full-time salary.

This would be extremely difficult given that Bran is priced higher than household brands such as RedBull.

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Is There Anything I like About VeloVita?

There’s nothing that stands out about VeloVita that would make customers pay over the odds for an energy drink. This is just another one of those MLM companies with a poor compensation plan and a subpar product.

Is VeloVita a Scam?

Although VeloVita is not a scam I would not recommend it as a viable solution to make money online. The founders have bad histories with previous businesses that have since closed down. Below is a summary of the reasons why I think this is not a sustainable business to invest in-

  1. The earning potential is minimal. Your income is around $10-$15 for retail commissions as well as a commission for recruiting other members under you. However, the earnings are low and sporadic.
  2. The business model encourages you to buy more stock in the hope that you will make larger profits, however, you will need to invest more money up front and it might take you a while before you make back that money, if at all.
  3. VeloVita comprises of just a single product. If your audience is not receptive or interested in this product then you’re essentially snookered and stuck with a product that you can’t sell.

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