What Is CryptoNode About?

If you’re considering investing into a cryptocurrency MLM program then you’ve probably come across lots of Ponzi schemes or maybe you’ve been a victim and lost money to one of them.

Most of these MLM programs go to great lengths to look genuine, but they are worthless unless they’re are authorised by the financial regulators.

In today’s review, we’ll be looking at one such program called CryptoNode to see if it can actually make 5% ROI as advertised.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before signing up should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a huge favour. Your due diligence will save you from potentially wasting your time and money.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. Creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Before we proceed I’d like to let you know that I’m not linked to CryptoNode in any sort of way and I’m not trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’d like to show you why this product is a complete waste of time and money…


CryptoNode Product Review

  • Name of Product:  CryptoNode
  • Owner:  Not Known
  • Type of Product:  Cryptocurrency Investment MLM Opportunity
  • Cost of Product:  Invest at least $10.
  • Who Is This Product Best For?  NOBODY!

CryptoNode Product Summary

CryptoNode claims that it makes its members a daily 5% ROI on their investments but it’s nothing more than a Ponzi scheme out to snatch your money. During my investigation, I discovered several areas of concern i.e. a false address, a certificate of incorporation from the UK (which has expired), and more.

Product Rating: 1/100

Would I Recommend This Product? Definitely Not!

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CryptoNode Explained

CryptoNode is a multi-level marketing business which promotes a cryptocurrency investment scheme. Their website looks professional and on the face of it, it appears to be genuine but several things are hidden from you.


The program doesn’t clarify what exactly it’s offering. All I could find on their website were multiple claims about their hyped-up return on investment.

The fact that I could not find any details about the founders or the exec team was a huge concern, especially when dealing with a business in the MLM industry, an area that’s is rife with scams.

The website domain’s registration was done in June 2019 and subsequently renewed in July 2020. Both transactions were done privately.

In an attempt to look genuine, the company showcases a UK certification of incorporation on its website.

The certificate is useless because it’s gone past its expiry date and is no longer valid.

But even so, it’s very simple and inexpensive to incorporate a business in the UK. Incorporations in the UK are not heavily regulated, therefore, are popular with unethical entrepreneurs that want to create Ponzi schemes.

A valid UK incorporation is not enough to gauge whether an MLM program is legitimate.

CryptoNode Product Range

I’m not shocked to see that CryptoNode does not offer any retail products or services, which is another warning sign that it could be a Ponzi scheme.

The only product available is its membership. You can’t access the income opportunity without the membership.


Does CryptoNode Work?

Unfortunately, CryptoNode is an unscrupulous program. The elusive owners weren’t even bothered to give more details about how their program creates revenue.

The people behind CryptoNode claim that they can grow any funds invested in the program. Apparently, you’ll be rewarded with the ROIs shown on their promotions depending on the amount of money you invest, however, the business model is never explained.

It’s similar to a stranger asking you for money and promising that they’ll increase that money. If you ask how they intend on doing this, they say “don’t worry about that”.

What do you think will happen? They’ll grab your cash and act as if they’re doing something profitable with it. The reality is, they’ll keep that money, and if you’re lucky, they might give you a few dollars every now and again.

Here’s why CryptoNode’s investment scheme does not add up…

For starters, the program is claiming that it can generate profitable returns of 5% per day on your investment. Apparently, the product is able to earn a high ROI rate of the money invested by members, therefore, they can afford to reward members with a high percentage.

However, we are not told how they generate this revenue. Even the best product on the market cannot guarantee these kinds of returns. If CryptoNode was actually awarding such returns to members, it would not be a sustainable investment program.


There are many aspects of the program that don’t stack up and as such, CryptoNode is not a platform that can be trusted. It’s probably the worst Ponzi scheme from the bunch that we’ve reviewed.

They’ve not provided any evidence that they are generating profits from the money invested, which could only mean one thing…

It means that the only money coming into the business is from new memberships, and that’s a bad sign.

How To Profit CryptoNode

The only method to make money is to recruit more members onto the program.

Getting Started with CryptoNode?

CryptoNode is free to join. However, you need to invest at least $10 if you want to access their income opportunity.

No details are provided about the maximum amount of money you can invest but you’re encouraged to pump more money into the program to earn a bigger return.

CryptoNode Compensation Plan

Supposedly, you are guaranteed a return on investment based on the amounts below.

  • Standard: earn 300% ROI after 50 days if you invest between $10 to $10,000
  • Premium: earn 350% ROI after 50 days if you invest $10,000 to $100,000

Permanent daily return packages are as follows:

  • Plan #1: earn 1% per day if you invest between $25 to $250
  • Plan #2: earn 1.5% per day if you invest between $251 to $1,000
  • Plan #3: earn 2% per day if you invest $1,001 or more

Referral Commissions

Commissions are rewarded whenever you get new members to join and invest in CryptoNode.

Commissions are based on a uni-level compensation system which extends to a maximum of 3 levels.

Your earnings will depend on these levels as shown below:

  • 4% commission for Level 1 (your direct recruits)
  • 2% commission for Level 2
  • 1% commission for Level 3

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CryptoNode Exposed!

1). Fake Address Details

The address shown on their site is-

10 Melbury Road, Kensington, London, United Kingdom, W14 8LW.

A Google map street view analysis reveals residential buildings instead of offices.


From the looks of it there doesn’t appear to be any commercial spaces or offices on that road.

My best guess is that the address is false and has been used to make the company appear genuine.

2). It’s Clearly a Ponzi Scheme!

The compensation plan is based on referral commissions, which are capped to 3 levels of earnings.

When it comes down to it, your only revenue stream is from recruitment instead of selling any products of value. This goes against the guidelines put in place by the MLM regulators.

If you want to find out more about these guidelines you can refer to the illustration shown below or head over to the FTC website.


3). Anonymous Owner

This is a cryptocurrency opportunity but, strictly speaking, it’s still an MLM scheme and as such, the company is obliged to reveal details about its founders and the people running the company.

People behind Ponzi schemes are always reluctant to provide their real names or contact details so that they are not held to account for any violations.

Furthermore, they can make an easy getaway when the scheme collapses. CryptoNode made sure that their domain was privately registered to benefit from operating their Ponzi scheme anonymously. Would you trust your money with people that purposefully hide you and can’t be traced?

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Advantages of CryptoNode

CryptoNode is a poorly disguised Ponzi scheme with absolutely no advantages.

Is CryptoNode a Scam or Legit Business?

CryptoNode is blatantly a Ponzi scheme. The people behind it were too lazy to make the program appear authentic.

This program was never really designed to benefit its members.

  1. The main focus is to recruit more members. There’s no product range to promote which means there’s no value. This is the program’s biggest flaw. The only way to profit is if you recruit!
  2. The address details have been falsified and point to a residential street.
  3. The owners have chosen to remain anonymous so that they can make a quick getaway when the program eventually collapses.

Steer clear of CryptoNode. It’s a Ponzi scheme! 

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