What is YouXWallet?

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have grown both as digital assets and as a medium that you can make money from online. However, this has also opened up a raft of scams that are just as prolific as the currencies themselves.

The rate of growth with cryptocurrencies really started to pick a few years ago and since then, a lot of people have been sold the idea that they should jump onto the bandwagon early to make money as the currencies increase in value.

Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people have been enticed into joining unscrupulous programs that claim to return substantial profits many times the size of the original investment, and various exaggerated claims. When these claims are merged into a complex and confusing industry, you have the perfect setting for a scam.

In today’s review we’ll be checking out YouXWallet, a company that might not be telling you the whole truth about their program.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before buying it should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a huge favour. Your due diligence will save you from wasting money and time.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. Creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Before we proceed I’d like to let you know that I’m not linked to YouXWallet in any sort of way and I’m not trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’d like to reveal whether YouXWallet is a genuine opportunity or another scam after your wallet…


YouXWallet Product Review

  • Name of Product:  YouXWallet
  • Owner:  Not Known
  • Type of Product:  Cryptocurrency MLM Program
  • Cost:  $10 membership + Various Investment Levels
  • Who Is This Product Best For? ABSOLUTELY NOBODY! 

YouXWallet Product Summary

YouXWallet claims to be an MLM program specifically for cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t really try to hide that it’s a bait-and-switch program. The product is full of warning signs that point to a scam, I could not find details of the owner and the recruitment tactics are shifty.

Product Rating: 1/100

Would I Recommend This Product? Definitely Not

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YouXWallet Explained

YouXWallet claims to be an MLM product that offers an investment program focused on cryptocurrencies.

From the onset, YouXWallet hasn’t made much attempts to pass off as a genuine company. The site does look professional, but its not presented in English. The site is in Portuguese when you initially access it, then you get the choice to change languages.


The option to choose your preferred language is a waste of time though. If you choose English, it switches back to Portuguese when it reloads.

Details about the owner of the company are undisclosed, however, a domain search shows that:

  • The domain was privately registered.
  • The people behind this program registered the domain in May 2019.
  • The address provided for this domain is in Estonia.

The program implies that the company is situated in Estonia, however, the offices are based in Portugal.

YouXWallet Product Range

YouXWallet is an MLM business and as such, we would hope to find a range of retail products or services, however, this wasn’t the case.


The company does not sell any type of products or services. Instead, YouXWallet provides membership onto the program, where you supposedly, profit from investments and recruiting other members (to follow suit).

Does YouXWallet Work?

This opportunity’s structure is very confusing. Here’s my take on it.

We are never given any evidence that profits are generated beyond the membership investments. Additionally, there’s no evidence to show that trades are placed to produce these profits.

Incoming earnings from brand new memberships are funneled to members sat at the top of structure. The money then cascades down to the lower levels until it runs out. Members on the lowest levels will not enjoy any of that money until they recruit other members beneath them.

Let’s pretend for 1 second that YouXWallet is actually investing money. The company would have to get authorization from the financial regulators in its respective country. There’s a big difference between being registered by a regulator and being approved by the regulator to conduct investment transactions.


How Do You Profit with YouXWallet?

YouXWallet provides 2 methods to profit through their program:

  • Commission from referrals.
  • ROI (Return on investments).

Signing Up with YouXWallet?

To get started there’s a fee of $10 for the membership, however, we are not told whether this is an ongoing fee or a one-off fee.

From there, you will need to invest a sum of money between $100 and $50,000 to access the ROI opportunities.

What Is The Compensation Plan at YouXWallet?

The primary opportunities to profit with YouXWallet are via their ROI commissions. You are supposedly guaranteed a set return on investment of 0.3% per day between Monday and Friday.

Below are the different levels on offer-

  • Xwallet 100: $100 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 300: $300 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 500: $500 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 1,000: $1,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 3,000: $3,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 5,000: $5,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 10,000: $10,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 20,000: $20,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 30,000: $30,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 40,000: $40,000 investment worth of bitcoin.
  • Xwallet 50,000: $50,000 investment worth of bitcoin.

Apparently, members will continue to be paid until a maximum of 400% worth of payouts is achieved. At this stage, the member will need to reinvest if they want to continue with the scheme.

Commissions for Recruiting

Commissions are awarded for recruiting more members to the scheme. You are paid 10% of the investments made by your new recruits.

Residual Commissions From the Binary Model

According to YouXWallet, you can earn residual commissions passively by growing your own team. You can take advantage of the binary compensation model which involves placing members on either side of you (referred to as legs) and their members are positioned on the level below.

This model is supposedly so lucrative that you can earn a daily amount of up to $20,000. Pure hype!


Uni-Level Residual Commissions

Additionally, you can utilize a uni-level structure to make residual commissions. This model can work in tandem with the binary residual commissions.

The structure is based on 10 tiers. New members are positioned underneath you and their members positioned beneath them. The commission payout is 2.5% at level 1 and gradually reduces to 0.1% as it works its way down to level 10.

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YouXWallet Exposed!

1). Anonymous Owner

One of the biggest warning signs that we might be dealing with a scam is that they are no details about the owner/s or their backgrounds. A genuine business would have nothing to hide and would make this information easy to find. This would give members confidence that they are dealing with a legitimate business.

The people behind this product have gone to great lengths to remain anonymous because they don’t want to be held accountable for anything that goes wrong. But what could go wrong?

2). Pyramid Scheme!

If you’ve asked yourself what could go wrong, I’m glad you’re thinking this way. The compensation plan is identical to a pyramid scheme. The advice from the FTC and SEC, when identifying a pyramid schemes, is to stay away from a program that predominantly incentivizes its members to recruit more members.


Therefore, the only way that you can make money through this program is from recruiting other members and for those members to invest. Essentially, this is a pyramid scheme.

3). Not Authorized To Invest

We touched on this earlier. YouXWallet guarantees a return on your investments, however, they are not authorized by the financial regulators to do so!

Any company wishing to handle investments needs to be granted permission and as part of this, it will be audited by a third party to ensure that they are handling your money accordingly. If YouXWallet are caught, they could be answerable for securities fraud.

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Advantages of YouXWallet?

Sorry, there are absolutely no benefits about this product. Save your money and efforts.

Is YouXWallet a Scam or a Legitimate Business?

YouXWallet is certainly not a genuine business. The compensation plan is indistinguishable from a pyramid scheme as per the advise from the FTC and SEC.

  • The owners are practically impossible to track down.
  • The recruitment incentives are fiercely peddled, therefore, this warns us of a pyramid scheme in the works. Your only chance of earning money through YouXWallet is by recruiting more members and getting them to invest. That’s no way to build a sustainable online business or income.

Please steer clear of YouXWallet!


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