What Is Crypto Money Maker About: Is it a Scam or Profitable?

In recent years the popularity of Cryptocurrencies has soared rapidly. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin are trending online and fast becoming a common medium of financial exchange.

Why are cryptocurrencies getting a lot of attention? because their value continues to rise to levels that weren’t originally anticipated.

This popularity comes with many benefits and opportunities but also has its pitfalls. Scammers are aware that people want to make a profit from cryptocurrencies, they are waiting to rip you off.

I recently discovered the Crypto Money Maker system which offers a lot but in reality, it doesn’t deliver much. In this review, I’ll put the system to the test and reveal why you should stay away from it.


Crypto Money Maker Review

Product Name: Crypto Money Maker
Cost: $250 Minimum deposit
Owner/s: Jordan Wood
Rating: 1/10 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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Crypto Money Maker by Jordan Wood

Cryptocurrencies are a digital currency that can be used as an alternative to the traditional dollars, pounds and euros etc. The success of cryptocurrencies has resulted in a shift to using them to trade stocks and are now being traded through numerous brokers.

Crypto Money Maker claims that it takes advantage of specialised software to make you a tonne of profits trading cryptocurrencies. It claims to do this by exploiting a “secret loophole in blockchain trading”.

In addition to this, the Crypto Money Maker supposedly places automated winning trades on your behalf.

This system is not unique by any means, the internet is littered with tonnes of “automated trading systems”. The only thing is they don’t work. You will not make a profit from them.

Crypto Money Maker’s home page has various warning signs that raised my eyebrows from the beginning.

My first worry with this cryptocurrency system is the proposed profits. Apparently, it claims to generate profits of $9,450 per week. Here’s the thing, the terms and conditions blatantly state that there’s a higher chance you’ll lose your original investment than make a profit.

Profits of $9,450 per week or $1,350 per day is a highly ambitious claim unless you have invested a lot of cash into a steady stock.



Stable Cryptocurrencies are a Myth!

The next problem is the customer testimonials. There is no way of verifying their authenticity. The customer photos are stock photos found online. I’m sceptical if the testimonials are genuine (probably not).

Another problem is that Crypto Money Maker claims it can “exploit” the blockchain. If this was actually true it would result in the cryptocurrency market collapsing, the purpose of the blockchain is to stop exploitation. This claim is there as a bragging right attempting to impress anyone that is a novice to cryptocurrencies.

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The Crypto Money Maker Sales Video

Personally, I was not impressed by the sales video. If you’ve watched it and are still considering signing up with Crypto Money Maker, I’ll highlight some of my concerns with the video.

Crypto Money Maker Takes Guru Bashing To Another Level

Scammers can be persuasive. They will attempt to convince you that they are gurus in their given field. These supposed experts will try to set themselves apart from other scammers and appeal to your good nature. If you’ve been scammed previously they’ll assure you that this time it will be different.

Aspirational living

One of the biggest traps with this sort of system is the fairytale lifestyle that it tries to sell you. Who would turn down the chance to make a shed load of money and sail off to the Caribbean? Try not to let this distract you from thinking logically because it’s not real.


I agree that it’s possible to earn money from most parts of the world geographically thanks to the internet, but that doesn’t mean that Crypto Money Maker is the way to go about it.

Most of us aspire to live a life of luxury and “Jordan” claims he can help us get there. I wouldn’t trust a person that only demonstrates the end result but doesn’t reveal how the system actually works.

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Cypto Money Maker Sob Story

A heartfelt story has the power to sway your decision whether to buy a product. Money making systems take advantage of this by giving you a classic “rags to riches” story.

Jordan claims that he lost his job and began trying out various systems until he eventually found one that actually worked. The whole point of this story is to relate to your daily struggles, whatever they might be, and convince you that your financial problems can be fixed by using Crypto Money Maker. It simply isn’t true.


Gosh! $2.1 million dollars is a lot of money. But guess what? It’s not proof that Crypto Money Maker generated this money.

Flashing imaginary sums of money and throwing it in your face is a very effective trick to speed up your decision and hurry you along to the payment page.


Who Designed Crypto Money Maker???

If automated software actually worked it would require a super smart geek to create it. Crypto Money Maker makes no mention of a developer, all we are told is that they are a “super stealth hacker and cryptocurrency developer”.

There’s no proof that the software or the developer is real.

In between all of this, there is a broker that works alongside the software and with similar systems such as Binary Options. These brokers own generic software that is packaged up to look like the “holy grail” of trading systems but its nothing more than a basic system.

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A Tried and Test Automated System that Never Fails

The sales video claims that Crypto Money Maker is 100% automated and it never fails.

Crypto Money Maker claims that it can generate profits of $500 per day minimum without any prior knowledge of a blockchain.

You can already see the appeal here but in reality, automated trading software does not work.

Think about this way, if Crypto Money Maker automated software worked, wouldn’t we all be rich?



Crypto Money Maker Scarcity Tactic

An additional tactic used, by suspicious marketers, to win your business is fake scarcity. Don’t get me wrong, scarcity is a legit marketing method commonly used by genuine marketers but fake scarcity is a different thing altogether.


The scarcity method works by suggesting to buyers that the product offer is for a limited time or a limited amount then pulling the product from the shelf once the offer expires. This is meant to give buyers a sense of urgency and boost sales.

Creating the illusion of scarcity is what Crypto Money Maker do. They will claim that the product is in limited supply but it never actually runs out.

How Much Does Crypto Money Makey Cost?

Crypto Money Maker doesn’t cost anything but there is a catch. You need to deposit a minimum of $250 with the broker before you can use the system. This cost will spiral out of control as you lose money and keep throwing more money into the system, with high hopes that it will make profits. It’s worse than gambling.

If you sign up with Crypto Money Maker, you’ve provided them with your personal details and contact information. This indicates to them that you are an easy target waiting to be scammed.

You’ll receive unsolicited spam and unwanted marketing calls persuading you to buy other costly useless products and software.

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Who is The Broker?

As mentioned earlier, every trading system (scam) has a broker working alongside it. The broker provides the basic software, which is made to appear like a highly profitable solution to trading. The broker will also offer a commision to marketers for every sale that signs up and deposits the minimum amount of $250.

While its true that many trading brokers are genuine, it’s not the case with new trading options. It’s a jungle out there.

The broker involved with Crypto Money Maker is called MaxCFD. If you search for them on Google you’ll soon discover plenty of negative customer comments regarding unethical trading practices.



Is this a Disguise for a Binary Options Scam?

This scam not unique. Over the past several years, scammers have been peddling elaborate stories of binary options trading systems that can supposedly generate millions in profits automatically. Sorry for stating the obvious but if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

This method of trading is similar to Binary Options because you bid whether a stock will increase or decrease in value within a set period of time. This is a very high-risk trading strategy and the systems that promote it are usually scams. Don’t waste your time, do yourself a favour and learn how to build a sustainable online business.



  • Sorry, there’s none. Crypto Money Maker’s main purpose is to snatch your $250 deposit through a reinvented scam.



  • The profit claims are highly exaggerated.
  • Common scam tactics are plastered throughout the sales page.
  • The broker is unethical with a lot of negative customer complaints.
  • It’s a Binary Options scam hiding behind cryptocurrencies

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Final Thoughts

Crypto Money Maker employs a risky trading strategy and is no different to controversial Binary Options systems. You are more likely to lose money than make any at all. If you are searching for a genuine opportunity to create an online business, check out my recommended method here.

The Cryptocurrency market is still quite new and has grabbed the attention of many traders. Although there’s a lot of potential profit to be made trading cryptocurrencies, you should be wary of any system that promises guaranteed automated profits and with little experience of what you are actually doing.


The most important fact to take away from all of this is that if an exploit had been discovered, the person would keep this discovery a hidden secret and enjoy the profits by themselves. It would not make sense to share the exploit because there would be less profit going around.

Is Crypto Money Maker a scam or profitable? It’s definitely a scam. The sales page is littered with warning signs that indicate it is a fake system and the broker has a bad reputation with numerous complaints against them.

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