First impressions can be deceiving! This could not be more true for the company that we’re looking at today which looks like it’s within the health and wellness industry, but a closer look reveals that it’s nothing of the sort.

Autoxify is a program that has been circulating online for a few years and continues to exploit people who don’t really understand the niche that it specializes in. Scams like these are widespread because of this very reason, and each new iteration is more complex and extravagant.

In today’s review, we’ll be revealing the truth about Autoxify and why you should probably keep away from this program.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before signing up should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a huge favour. Your due diligence will save you from potentially wasting your time and money.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. Creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Before we proceed I’d like to let you know that I’m not linked to Autoxify in any sort of way and I’m not trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’d like to unravel what this program is not telling you…


Autoxify Product Review

  • Name of Product:  Autoxify
  • Owner:  Not Known
  • Type of Product:  Cryptocurrency MLM Income Opportunity
  • Cost Of Product:  Invest at least 400 TRX
  • Who Is This Product Best For?  NOBODY!

Autoxify Product Summary

Autoxify is a multi-level marketing business that specializes in cryptocurrency smart contracts. However, the truth behind this program is that it’s actually a Pyramid Scheme.

We’ve uncovered lots of warning signals whilst inside this program. A major concern here is that Autoxify heavily focuses on recruiting more members but offers nothing of value in return.

Product Rating: 1/100

Would I Recommend This Product? Definitely Not!

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Autoxify Explained

Autoxify is one of the newer MLM programs that focuses on cryptocurrency smart contracts. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t do a great job at explaining how their product works, especially when considering that this is a relatively complex industry. Instead, the program focuses on telling you about their compensation plan.


We could not find details about the owner of the program or the background of the company. None of this information is available on their website or any other sources for that matter.

The only details we could find was the date that the domain name was registered. The registration was private and was done on July 2020.

To be frank, the company has taken extra steps to conceal the details of the owner so that they are not held accountable for the backlash that will happen when the program is exposed as a scam.

Autoxify Product Range

All MLM programs are required to offer their members with a retail product or service that can be promoted and sold.

But there’s no such thing with Autoxify!

If you decide to go ahead with this program, the only thing you’ll be selling, to other people, is the opportunity to profit via the program. This is a big no no in the eyes of the regulators.

Does Autoxify Work?

Some of the promotional content on their website states that “It’s not rocket science. It’s Pure Math”.

This slogan was used on several photos.


Why have we highlighted this? Because it’s the same slogan and marketing material used by another unscrupulous program named OpenAlexa. The program is a smart-contract Ponzi scheme that specializes in Ethereum as shown below:


Autoxify looks like a duplicated of OpenAlexa, operated by the same gang. The only difference between the 2 programs is that Autoxify specializes in TRON.

There’s not much activity happening with OpenAlexa and there’s a strong chance that the company is on the brink of collapsing. It looks like Autoxify has been launched to pick up the pieces and forge ahead with this on-going scam.

The program is using underhanded tactics to operate. We are NOT provided with any evidence that Autoxify is trading or investing to generate revenue for its members. The fact that they operate on a Blockchain means that it’s difficult for the regulators to pin them down.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about Blockchains. Therefore, Autoxify exploits this lack of understanding to scam people.

So far, there’s nothing authentic about this platform.


How To Profit with Autoxify

Autoxify’s sole focus is recruitment and as such, the only option available, to make a profit, is to get more people to join the program.

Your profit will be calculated according to their investments as well as creating your own team.

Getting Started with Autoxify

The program does not charge a membership fee, however, you will be required to invest at least 400 TRX (TRON) to take part in their program.

400 TRX equates to $13.30 USD at the time of writing.  

Compensation Plan

Autoxify uses 2 different matrices for their compensation plan as shown below:

  • 2×2 matrix
  • 3×1 matrix

For the 3×1 matrix you will need to fill in 3 positions to complete the cycle.

For the 2×2 matrix you will need to fill in 2 positions beneath you followed by a further 2 positions for each of those positions. Therefore, you need to fill in 6 positions to complete the cycle.

New members can invest just 400 TRX to take up a position.

The investment is then divided into 6 matrix cycler positions

The commission is then worked out according to the following matrices-

3×1 Matrix

The commission payment is equivalent to 160 TRX and 80 TRX commission for the initial 2 positions. The 3rd position will then create the next 3×1 matrix.


The chart shown above is Autoxify’s 3×1 Matrix Chart.

There’s meant to be 20 cycler tiers. Could it be that no payments will be made before that happens?

If the above is true, there’s no profit to be made before the 20 million TRX payment occurs.

2×2 Matrix

The image below shows how the commission is calculated for the 2×2 matrix. You’ll be paid for the initial 3 positions on the 2nd level of the matrix.


The initial 2 positions are paid on the upline and the 6th position will then create an identical tier cycler position

This works out to be 240 TRX for the 1st tier as well as a new Tier 1 Matrix Position.

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Autoxify Exposed!

1). A Blatant Pyramid Scheme

Autoxify is definitely NOT an authentic business. Their whole system is based on a pyramid scheme, the difference being that it’s run on a Blockchain.

The only way to make money is to recruit people onto the program. There’s no other way to earn an income if you don’t recruit.

Investing $10 isn’t much money, even if it turns out to be a scam but most people will be inclined to invest more so that they can earn more profit.

2). Who Is The Owner?

Another area of concern is that the company has deliberately hidden the details about the owner. If a company is genuine then why would it hide such important information?

Blockchain might run anonymously, however, that doesn’t mean the company should also be secretive unless they are concealing something from us.

3). Smart Contracts Don’t Work This Way

Autoxify claims to be a program that specializes in smart contracts, however, their service is not based on how smart contracts work. The illustration below shows what’s actually meant to happen.


For example, let’s suppose that I want to buy a piece of land from someone using a smart contract agreement on the TRX blockchain. This would mean that an agreement can be made between me and the seller.

The smart contract would facilitate this transaction as follows: When XXX makes a payment of 50000 TRX to the seller, XXX will receive ownership of the land.

No changes can be made to the contract once it’s agreed. Therefore, neither party can go back on their end of the deal.

The absence of a smart contract would mean that the seller and I would need to involve a 3rd party such as a lawyer or a bank. Therefore, a smart contract facilitates this to happen when the requirements of the agreement are all met.

In the case of Autoxify, if their program is actually run on a smart contract, it would have to compensate members once certain conditions are met but there’s no evidence that members have been paid.

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Advantages of Autoxify?

Autoxify is far from a genuine business. There’s nothing positive to say about this program.

Is Autoxify a Scam or a Legitimate Business?

Autoxify is an outright Ponzi scheme which doesn’t even bother to look like a legitimate business.

  • The incentives are all focused on recruitment and it won’t be long until the regulators catch on to them. The biggest flaw with Autoxify is that they don’t offer any actual products or services. This will land them in big trouble.
  • The founders of the business are hidden from the public eye and there’s no way of tracing them.

The program claims that it uses a smart contract, however, this is a complete fabrication.

Steer clear from Autoxify. It’s a pyramid scheme!

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