When I first heard about Easy Cash Code it stopped me dead in my tracks because of the 100% commission compensation plan that it offered. It grabbed my attention immediately and I’m sure that it will grab yours too.

This new program should not be confused with the previous Easy Cash Code that was prevalent several years ago. I’ll uncover everything that you need to know in my extensive Easy Cash Code review.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before buying it should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a massive favour. Your due diligence will save you from wasting money and time.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. The good thing to know is that creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Let me make one thing clear, I’m not linked to Easy Cash Code and I’m NOT trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’m here to reveal whether Easy Cash Code‘s 100% commission compensation plan is a genuine opportunity and demonstrate whether this program is worth investing your money, time and effort.

Is Easy Cash Code a scam? 

Everything will be revealed in this review…

Easy Cash Code Review ​​​​​

  • Name of Product:  Easy Cash Code.
  • Creator: Purchased by Reginald Stinson. 
  • Type of Product:  Online marketing platform & Lead generation.
  • Cost:  $18 for the 1st product + Additional Upsells of $67 for UOP SMS Pro plus / $47 for its Reselling Rights / $97 for UOP All in One Tool.
  • Who Is This Product Best For?  Newbies to Online Marketing and those that want to learn more about lead generation. 

Easy Cash Code Summary

Easy Cash Code is a lead generation system that focuses on Online Marketing. Members are offered lessons and the chance to resell purchased products. The best part is that you get to retain 100% of the commission.

The fact that you get to keep all of your commission is remarkable in itself and is enough to get most people to jump onto the bandwagon, however, it seems a bit suspicious that the program decided to use fake testimonials to drive sales (more on this later), which leaves me thinking whether Easy Cash Code is an authentic product.

As far as lead generation and online marketing goes, the products are helpful, however, the market is inundated with similar products already, therefore, it would be a challenge to sell these products consistently to create a sustainable business.

Product Rating: 40 /100

Would I Recommend This Product? Not really

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Easy Cash Code’s History

Easy Cash Code is owned by a guy named Reginald Stinson. He is the CEO of Unit of Prosperity as well. The platform provides members with coaching, information and the support needed to take their businesses to a new level of success, as stated on their website.

An interesting fact is that there used to be an older version of Easy Cash Code several years ago but the earlier version was nothing like the most recent offering.

Reginald purchased the Easy Cash Code domain in early 2016 and began work on revamping it. If you’ve come across any negative reviews, earlier than 2016, these will relate to the old system and not Reginald’s newer program.

Exploring Easy Cash Code

The website states that, Easy Cash Code is a program that builds you an income and also educates you on the principles of online marketing and e-commerce.

Once you’ve paid the membership fee (more on this later), part of profit will also pay the member that referred you to the program. Your referrer will receive a full commission for referring you. Referrers are usually a relative, friend or a link from a marketer’s website, they’ll be paid 100% commission.


When a member pays for the Easy Cash Code program they are provided with a license to sell the programs offered by the platform, therefore, a full commission is awarded if someone purchases a program through the member’s link or landing page.

Members are also given the option to buy additional Upsells, which they can market and earn 100% commission on those too.

Easy Cash Code Explained

Easy Cash Code is centered around the term “Funded Proposal” and if you learn just one thing from this review it should be that term. A funded proposal is the basis of Easy Cash Code and is the reason why the business thrives.

How Does a Funded Proposal Work?

A funded proposal is a marketing technique that focuses on growing a contact list of emails whilst simultaneously making a decent commission at the forefront and marketing various programs in the background as well.

If we take Easy Cash Code, for example, the member is only required to pay a small cost to join the program. Once that fee is paid, they are signed up to the program straightaway and provided with a license to market and sell Easy Cash Code.


As this is all taking place, you’re gradually growing your email list and profiting at the back end.

Essentially, this is a two pronged approach, therefore, you’re doubling up on your revenue stream.

Easy Cash Code‘s funded proposal gives you the opportunity to make sizeable profits because the platform comes with extra income avenues that are integrated into their sales funnel, allowing you to earn as much as $202 per referral.

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Starting Your Journey With Easy Cash Code

(1) $18- Basic Package


These are some of the features included with the Basic package:

  1. Easy Cash Code Sales Funnel System & Ready-Made Capture Pages.
  2. Easy Cash Code Video Sales Page.
  3. A Referral Management Dashboard.
  4. Easy Cash Code Program Standard Resell Rights.
  5. Easy Cash Code Customized Hangouts Page.
  6. Easy Cash Code Training.
  7. Easy Cash Code Banner Ads.
  8. Easy Cash Code Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Community.
  9. Easy Cash Code Pre-Written Emails.

There’s a decent set of features offered for just $18 to help you market the program, but there’s more…

You are presented with the optional Upsells, but only after purchasing the core product for $18.

The Upsells are designed to make more money for you, however, you will need to buy each product separately as well as buying the rights to resell them.

(2) $114 – Bulk SMS Tool – UOP SMS Pro

You can buy a bulk SMS marketing resource named SMS Pro. The tool lets you send multiple text messages simultaneously.

The total cost for this tool is $114 which works out as $67 for the core product + $47 for the reseller license. You don’t need to purchase this tool if you’re only interesting in earning the commissions of $18.

Nonetheless, $114 is a relatively small cost to pay for a tool that sends bulk text messages and lets you keep 100% commission for the resell.

You could potential earn between $100-$300 per day just from sending texts.

(3) $97- UOP IM Phenom – All in One Tool Suite


For $97 you can get your hands on a system named IM Phenom. It comes with the following features:

  1. Innovative Marketing System
  2. Ready-Made Autoresponders
  3. Capture Page Builders
  4. Customized Pop-Ups
  5. Customized Sales Pages
  6. You can Build Personalized Share Codes
  7. Evergreen Webinars and other features.

The $97 is a one-off fee that gives you access to the system and its resell rights.

Profiting With Easy Cash Code

Making money with Easy Cash Code is NOT as easy as it sounds.

For starters, there are 3 packages that you need to consider, as discussed earlier. The packages cost $18, $67 and $97 and from my understanding, each of them claims that you can make 100% resale commission.

Therefore, whenever you sell any of these products you will be paid all of the money from that sale, except for the second sale of each product.

This process is named Reverse 1-Up, and it works by you passing up one sale i.e. 1-Up to your original referrer.

Similar to products such as Easy 1Up, you will need to pass the second sale of each product to continue receiving 100% of the commissions.

As an example, if I made 15 sales of the $18 product and I’ve already purchased the $67 and $97 products, the 2nd sale for each of those products has been passed up to my referrer already.

Taking into account the above scenario, you can now earn an endless amount of 100% commissions going forward.

Below is short video explaining the compensation plan:

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Easy Cash Code Exposed!

(1) – False And Extravagant Testimonials

Easy Cash Code uses hyped up testimonials to attract potential members to join their program. The testimonials are designed to make newcomers think that the system is extremely lucrative.

These brazen claims remind me of products like Copy Paste Income where the earning potential sounds too good to be believable.

Below is an example of the hype that you will encounter:


Extravagant claims are not the only problem here. Easy Cash Code also uses fake customer testimonials using actors hired from Fiverr to create even more hype through video testimonials.

Below is a screenshot showing one of their customer testimonials videos posted on YouTube:
Below is the real person advertising her spokesperson services… Check out the background on both images.

Okay, maybe we can let them off for a single fake video, however, there is still more fakeness to be revealed…

Below is another screenshot of a YouTube customer testimonial:
And here is the real person promoting her acting services on Fiverr…

Looking at the 7 customer testimonials, 2 them were fake in a single video.

If Easy Cash Code is such a successful product then why does Reginald need to include fake customer testimonials?

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(2) Earning $500 Per Day Is Highly Unlikely

The 100% commission incentive is the best that I’ve seen anywhere online, but even with that it would be an uphill struggle to make $500 per day as claimed. To reach that figure you would have to sell:

  • 28 x $18 product or
  • 8 x $67 product or
  • 6 x $97 product.

It would be extremely difficult to constantly sell the above numbers even with a high-performance website.

If you like the idea of earning a consistent revenue online, then there are better business models out there such as affiliate marketing.

(3) Too Many Upsells

Unfortunately, Easy Cash Code is riddled with Upsells on top of the first 2 products that are sold to you after paying for the $18 front-end product.

There seems to be a different product for sale at each turn. The products cost anywhere from $40 to $70 and are strategically placed in various parts of the site. Bear in mind that there are no resell licenses for these products, therefore, they are not worth your money.

(4) Sorry! There Are No Refunds

Yes, you read that correctly. Easy Cash Code does not offer refunds for their product. The reason behind this is that their products are apparently faultless and come with zero risk.

There is a strict no refund policy in place as per the clause below:


If you decide that the product isn’t for you, Easy Cash Code will not refund you. There’s nowhere to turn to and as a result, you will just have to take the financial hit, which could be a lot if you factor in the Upsells.

(5) Products Are Not “Easy” To Promote

You’re trying to promote the same products that you’ve purchased, therefore, you will need a rock solid marketing technique to stand a chance at succeeding.

We spoke about the number of units you would need to sell to earn $500 per day. You might be able to sell that in the short term but what happens when the market gets saturated or when your leads run out?

Easy Cash Code Advantages

(1) It’s Possible To Make A Decent Profit

Profiting with Easy Cash Code is doable but it’s not as lucrative as they claim.

The commission rate of 100% is a winner and a unique selling point compared to their rivals.

At your best, you might earn about $200 per week but nothing more beyond that, therefore, I would not invest too much money into this program or rely on it to quit your full-time job.

(2) Good Training

You are offered a decent level of training which provides you with a good introduction to online marketing and lead generation, however, I’d argue that there’s better training elsewhere to take your skills to the next level.

That being said, I’m impressed that webinars are provided even at the introductory price point of $18.

Is Easy Cash Code A Scam?

No, Easy Cash Code is definitely NOT a scam. This program offers a genuine commission system, therefore, if you succeed at selling their products, the program stands by it’s word and pays you 100% of the commission.

My problem with Easy Cash Code lies with their use of staged fake customer testimonials, which makes me suspicious that it’s not as “Easy” to earn the amount of money promised in the sales video.

There’s a big difference between promoting a product and creating fake hype to make sales. Easy Cash Code seems to be targeting newbies with very little knowledge about how to get started with creating an online marketing business.

Fake testimonials are very convincing, especially to new starters. Earning $500 per day sounds very enticing, but if you’ve been reviewing “Make-Money-Online” programs for as long as I have, then you’ll know that most of these systems fall short of their big promises.

Easy Cash Code is one of the better programs that I’ve come across compared to the riff-raff currently circulating online, however, it won’t be as easy to sell their products, in the long-term, once you’ve exhausted your current leads.

Naturally, this leads me to my next question…

How Do I Use The Internet to Make a Full-Time Salary?

Like with anything else, making money online is a skill that can be learnt, it only requires a bit of dedication and consistency but it’s totally worth it when you can one day walk into your boss’s office and fire him/her.

I’ve personally learnt how to generate a monthly income stream, with no previous knowledge. I can work where I want and when I want. You can do the same too. Find out more here.

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