Is Billy Gene Is Marketing a Scam?

His videos are wildly popular across Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. He clearly has a solid marketing strategy because he seems to be around every corner that you turn on social media.

Billy’s videos are exciting and they grab your attention within a few seconds, but he does this with the help of expert videographers and an editing team.

Today, we’ll be reviewing Billy Gene Is Marketing to see whether this income opportunity is anything to write home about.

The fact that you’ve taken a moment to scrutinize this product before buying it should be applauded. You’ve done yourself a huge favour. Your due diligence will save you from wasting money and time.

A good bit of research always goes a long way in the fight against online scams. Creating a sustainable full-time online business is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

Before we proceed I’d like to let you know that I’m not linked to Billy Gene Is Marketing in any sort of way and I’m not trying to sell you this product.

Instead, I’d like to show you whether Billy’s digital marketing training course is still relevant…


Billy Gene Is Marketing Product Review

  • Name of Product:  Billy Gene Is Marketing
  • Owner:  Billy Gene
  • Type of Product:  Digital Marketing Training Course
  • Cost of Product:  $197 per month + several upsells
  • Who Is This Product Best For?  Expert marketers

Billy Gene Is Marketing Product Summary

Billy Gene Is Marketing is a tutorial program that specialises in digital marketing. The program was created by Billy Gene, an expert marketer with a course that offers the latest marketing strategies. However, there are a few flaws about this course which I’ll discuss in the next few sections.

Product Rating: 70/100

Would I Recommend This Product? Yes

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Billy Gene Is Marketing Explained

Billy Gene Is Marketing is a training resource that helps you market your online business on social media and YouTube. Billy Gene launched the program in 2015, and since then, the lesson material has been regularly updated to teach members about the latest techniques.


The platform promises to offer entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to tap into larger audiences and increase sales. The marketing material constantly talks about growth in all of its promotions.

The company’s Facebook and Instagram pages have more than 8,000,000 combined impressions. The business is based in California and has assisted over 10,000 entrepreneurs, marketers and smaller companies to expand their businesses.

What Do We Know About Billy Gene?

Billy Gene is a marketing guru, and this can be clearly seen by the way he promotes his courses and programs. The majority of his promotions can be found on YouTube, which offers some insight into his training and teaching techniques.

Billy makes sure that he’s always surrounded by a skilled team including videographers, marketers and tutors. Billy’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000,000 USD, therefore, it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s doing from a marketing perspective.

Billy Gene’s YouTube Channel

Billy’s YouTube channel immerses you into the program’s ethos and what you can expect from the content. Billy uploads videos to his channel regularly.

There are plenty of videos on his channel and each one generates an average of 1,000 views. Given his level of success, I thought that the videos would have more views, but that’s not the case.

The videos are concise and last for about 2 minutes each. There’s not much that you are taught in a couple of minutes. Instead, the video’s purpose is to build hype around the brand, which is probably the reason why the viewership is low.

Exploring Billy Gene Is Marketing

Billy Gene Is Marketing is a series of tutorials that have been created over several years. Billy creates a fresh set of courses at least once every 12 months instead of updating the existing ones.


Does he create new material to keep his course up to date, or does he create it for the sake of creating more material? Should his content not be future-proofed?

These are all good questions, but we’re not sure why Billy prefers to create new courses from scratch.

At the moment, the course offers 2 programs-

1). 30 Day Business Plan: $97

The latest course was available from April 2020 and includes 30 days of material consisting of 5-minute videos that help you to grow your business following a daily step by step process.

The strategy is based on Billy’s technique which involves building your business from the ground up and being taught various skills to source clients and opportunities.


2).  Course Bundle: $31

This is a collection of Billy’s older (updated) tutorials that are valued at more than $1,000 each but have been discounted to $31.

They can be purchased individually for the prices shown below-

Gene Pool: $197 per month or $8,613

Gene Pool is one of the most sought-after courses in Billy’s collection. It contains a lot of material, however, the topics are not taught extensively.

The course also includes:

  • Live training with Billy every week
  • Access to earlier training material
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • The skill of the month

Clicks into customers 2.0: $1,497

You are taught how to build successful PPC ads that are effective. You will find video tutorials that teach you how to create email lists, funnels and squeeze pages.

YouTube Advertising for GENIUSES: $997

The title is self-explanatory, here you’ll be shown how to successfully advertise your business on YouTube.

Sell like a GENIUS: $997

This is arguably the most popular course in the series. It’s very exclusive and requires applicants to complete a form before they are enrolled in the course.

Getting Started with Billy Gene Is Marketing

To kick things off, you can either join the 30-Day Business Plan for $97 or pay $31 for the other courses. I also wanted to highlight that if you decide not to sign up for the discounted price, the cost goes up when you come back to the site in the future.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing The Right Product For You?

Billy Gene Is Marketing is undoubtable a fantastic course. But, who is it designed for?

For starters, I wouldn’t recommend it for newbies because it does not provide a solid basis to get started. The material assumes that you already have an existing knowledge of online advertising and how it works. If you already have some experience in this area then it’s a great course.

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Advantages of Billy Gene Is Marketing?

1). Billy Gene Offers a Great Product

There’s no doubt that Billy Gene is a skilled marketer. I would also say that they are better marketers and courses out there to some extent, but it’s evident that he delivers results.

You’ll understand why his recipe works when you view his advertisements.

2). He Lives By His Teachings

Billy is still featured on social media and his ads are still prominent. Yes, he has a bigger budget to spend on advertising, but he’s also an expert at targeting the right audiences.

If you learn from Billy how to optimize your ads for the correct audience, the likelihood of your business growth is high.

Chances are, you are reading this article as a result of seeing one of Billy’s ads on social media or YouTube.

You’re being taught by an expert!

Billy Gene Is Marketing Exposed!

1). Be Ready For The Upsells

Once you’ve signed up to the program you will encounter plenty of upsells. The training is constantly trying to sell you other courses.

Billy enjoys creating new courses and there’s no better place to sell them than inside the existing content. Therefore, expect Upsells to be a common occurrence.

2). Difficult Cancellation and Refund Process

The member reviews on Better Business Bureau and Yelp complain about the difficulty with cancellation and receiving a refund if you decide that the product is not for you.


Alternative programs will normally offer a trial period to access and complete a certain part of the course. However, there’s no such thing with Billy Gene Is Marketing.

3). Fluffy Content

The reviews on Yelp leave a lot to be desired. Members are complaining about the all-fluff content, which means that there’s typically only a few minutes of valuable content contained within a 60-minute video. You will need to sit through an hour of content to get just a few minutes of useful lessons.


Some members are unhappy with Billy Gene Is Marketing’s content which, according to them, contains all fluff, no filler.


I wouldn’t use the above feedback as the sole basis to decide whether the course is right for me or not because these members could be novices within the industry, with little knowledge or experience.

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Is Billy Gene Is Marketing a Scam or Legit?

Billy Gene Is Marketing is an authentic program. It’s one of the few genuine programs that I’ve come across.

  • Billy Gene is a genuine expert with the results to match. He’s built a highly successful business.
  • He updates his material consistently to ensure that members are always learning the latest information.

But, this might not be the best product for newcomers to online marketing or ads. If you’re considering signing up to Billy’s course then watch his YouTube videos to get an idea of what’s involved.

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