What Is Crypto Edge System: a Scam or Profitable?


Cryptocurrencies have taken the online world by storm in recent years. There are now more opportunities to make profits trading Cryptocurrencies but it also means more opportunities to be scammed.


I would like to tell you about a system that tries to sell you dreams of fortunes that never actually reach your bank account. The system in question is called Crypto Edge System and it should be avoided at all cost. I’ll explain why…


Crypto Edge System Review

Product Name: Crypto Edge System
Cost: $250 Minimum deposit
Owner/s: Unknown
Rating: 1/10 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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Crypto Edge System


I must admit that the website for the Crypto Edge System is skillfully designed and looks like the genuine article. I’ll give them top marks for a good looking website. I almost mistook it for an authentic business, but it wasn’t long before I saw its true colours.


The sales video begins with an insert of a Bloomberg report along with TV interviews shown in various parts of the video. Again, the videos and screenshots look very professional and would fool even the most discerning eye.




Before we go any further, I’d like to point out that the videos and screenshots do not actually relate to the product in question. They are placed in the video to make the Crypto Edge System appear authentic. The new clips were probably used without the owner’s consent, in an attempt to win you over.


The Crypto Edge System sales video throws a lot of hype in your face. They claim that you too can accrue substantial fortunes from trading cryptocurrencies just like the Wall Street traders. Can this system be trusted?


Their money claims cannot be validated. There’s no proof that the system actually works. You are told that the system is powered by specialist software that was custom built by investors. I’m struggling to find any truth in this story, I didn’t know that investors were also software developers.




The video also shows customers that have supposedly profited from Crypto Edge System, but closer inspection soon revealed that the people posing as customers were actually hired actors outsourced from sites like Fiverr.com. There is no evidence that anyone has profited from this system.


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Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and as such, the information in the video is already outdated.


The only merit I’ll give the Crypto Edge System is that it provides a free download which contains an eBook guide about cryptocurrencies. The guide provides a good walkthrough on cryptocurrencies for anyone new to this market.




The free eBook is the only benefit I could find with this system, but it ends there! I’m quite surprised that the person behind this scam went to the trouble of providing a helpful guide. You don’t see that every day, given the type of scam at play. It’s a clever trick to throw you off and it shows that scammers are becoming more sophisticated.


So is the Crypto Edge System a Scam?


Yes, it is 100% a scam. I picked out several warnings as I dug deeper into the site. If this is the first time you’ve encountered a scam I recommend reading further down to see what exactly I revealed about this fake system.


So we’ve already seen that the sales video cannot be trusted or validated. I’ve also exposed the suspicious customer testimonials acted out by hired actors, but there’s more…


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A Business that can’t be traced


A business that takes part in financial trading should be transparent, easy to find, easy to contact and most importantly it should be regulated. Unfortunately, the Crypto Edge System can’t be linked to any company I could find. You will not find an address, contact number and they’ve made their domain private.


Why would Crypto Edge System go to all the trouble of making themselves untraceable? This leaves you, the customer, at risk when promises aren’t delivered. Who do you contact if things do not go to plan?


Even if you don’t place your trades directly with the company, they make it appears as though that’s the case. The company should be contactable, sadly this is not the case.


False Guarantees


The sales video assures you of guaranteed profits at the press of a button. Here’s the rub, the terms on the website state that you are not guaranteed to make a profit through the use of Crypto Edge System. Confusing right? My guess is that the terms are correct and there’s a slim chance of making any profits from this system.



Overstated Claims


I’ll be frank, you will not make any money with automated trading systems and robots. In fact, you’re more likely to end up losing money! Stay away from systems that guarantee a consistent stream of winning trades over 99%. It simply isn’t true.


You will always sustain loses when trading. The talent is realised when you learn how to manage your loses so that they are substantially less than your profits, this skill takes years of learning and refinement.


Additionally, Crypto Edge System trades using a method similar to Binary Options. The trades last for less than 1 minute. Your chances of winning a trade are less than 50%. How can this system claim that it can make accurate calculations in such short timeframes, against a turbulent currency?


I would take everything stated by Crypto Edge System with a pinch of salt.


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Binary Options Brokers


Crypto Edge System is a system that trades through Binary Options, the broker that facilitates the trades is named BinaryOnline.




Binary Options are known to be a toxic high-risk trading strategy. The FTC has received many complaints and warned people to avoid them.


If you’ve read my previous posts relating to Binary Options, you will notice that this industry is littered with scams. The same scammers have exhausted Binary Options and are now peddling cryptocurrencies. It’s the same scam under a different guise.



  • You are given access to a free eBook introducing cryptocurrency.



  • It’s unrealistic to earn the profits stated by this system.
  • Contact details for this company are impossible to obtain.
  • This system is a disguise for high-risk Binary Options trading.
  • There’s a high chance that you will lose your original investment.


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Final Thoughts

I would avoid this style of currency trading. It is very risky and often ends up with losses instead of making a profit. Realistically, you cannot build a reliable online business trading with automated binary options systems.


The eBook is free but it’s pointless when the true agenda is to trick you into signing up to a Binary broker and paying a $250 minimum deposit. There is no such thing as an automated trading system that will always place winning trades for you. This sort of hype was peddled by Binary Options scammers and has now shifted to cryptocurrencies.


The people running Crypto Edge System are attempting to sell you hopes and dreams by taking advantage of the recent popularity of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.


I agree that a lot of expert traders are making money trading cryptocurrencies but these are individuals that have learnt how to trade and dedicated years of learning. The crypto market is highly unstable and is no place for a novice attempting to make profits using an automated system.


If an automated trading system existed, that could win almost all trades, it would be kept hidden from the public. If the story touted by Crypto Edge System is true, why would the owner give away the system for free instead of keeping it secret and enjoying huge profits?


The story behind Crypto Edge System doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t be trusted. I’m sorry but this system is a complete sham designed to extort $250 from your wallet. Keep away!


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