Is Regular Dollars a Phishing Scam?


If you’re searching for a fast way to generate an online income, you might have encountered a system called Regular Dollars or a similar website.


Regular Dollars offers a tempting proposition which sends your emotions running high and stops you from spotting the alarm signals that this system might be a scam. If you don’t tread carefully it could result in a loss of money, wasted time and effort. In this review I’ll talk you through the system and why you should keep away from it.




Regular Dollars Product Review


Product Name: Regular Dollars
Cost: Free to sign up
Owner/s: Not Known?
Rating: 1/10 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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How Does Regular Dollars Work?


The apparent method to make money with Regular Dollars is through link posting. After subscribing you are provided with an affiliate link that you are meant to post in various places online. When users click your link you earn a commission (total B.S).


Regular Dollars might sound like a reputable affiliate marketing system, that pays you a percentage of a sale made through your affiliate link, but it is far from this.


From the onset, I could already identify the workings of a scam because Regular Dollars doesn’t provide products for customers to buy. So if nobody is buying a product or service where is the alleged money coming from?




How Do You Make Money If There’s No Product?


Call me a cynic but I’m always sceptical when I see a system hyping up their online earnings when there is no actual product to sell. In essence, Regular Dollars is selling you a dream that never materializes. There’s nothing to persuade your potential customers to sign up or buy.


Regular Dollars claims that it generates cash through advertising so I decided to explore if this was actually true:


The first thing that I noticed is the link provided redirected customers to the primary Regular Dollars website. Things started to look promising then I noticed that there was no advertising on the site. Without any advertising how are they going generate cash to pay you a commission for your referrals?


In addition to the above, if adverts did exist on the site I doubt the advertising companies would pay Regular Dollars an obscene profit of $5-$10 per advert as we are led to believe.


In all my years of working online, I’ve never seen an advertising program that pays that level of money to simply view an advert, which is how I know that this system wouldn’t be paying you or any of its other victims.


The site explicitly claims that they will pay you up to $10 for each click (which is obviously a lie).




The illusion of Payment


After evaluating the site and confirming that a source of money couldn’t be found, it’s highly unlikely that any “money” accumulated in your member account would be paid out to you.


Suppose we compare this system to the biggest advertising program on the planet. Google’s Adsense ad program pays its members $0.05 – $0.10 per click for relevant traffic.


In comparison, Regular Dollars are claiming that they’ll multiple Google’s figures x 100 for random traffic. I find that extremely hard to believe.




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Poor Website Design


Regular Dollars claims to be an advertising company but their website is quite frankly terrible. It lacks visual appeal to keep customers engaged. The site looks outdated and is littered with bad spelling throughout.   


I’m wary of sites with an excessive amount of bad spelling and grammar. If English is not the site owner’s first language, I’m sure he/she could hire someone to proofread the content.


In addition to the poor layout and grammar, I couldn’t help but notice that it’s a cookie cutter site. This means that the site is a template of similar sites that follow a similar scam under different guises.




No Business Information or T’s & C’s


Online businesses need to be transparent to earn the trust of the public. A minimum requirement is to provide information about the business, terms and conditions and contact details.


Regular Dollars is secretive with their contact details. Their domain details are protected which means that you can’t find out who is running the site or their geographic location. Looks like they don’t want to be bothered.




Is Regular Dollars a Phishing Site?


I think there’s enough evidence to confirm that the site was created for the sole purpose of gathering your personal details.


Phishing sites intrude on your personal data and sell it on to unethical scammers and criminal organisations. Nothing is safe once you hand over your details and bank information. The best case scenario is a load of spam in your inbox but things could get worse…


Most of us aren’t good at remembering passwords and it’s common to use an identical password across numerous websites. Most people don’t bother to change their passwords and often use the same login details for their bank accounts.


If you make the mistake of using a similar password when signing up to Regular Dollars it could leave you vulnerable to fraudsters.




Fraudsters could use your details on sites that you visit and possibly gain access to your personal accounts such as Paypal, your bank account and much more. Can you start to see how bad this could get?


These criminal organisations are clever, they can deploy automated programs that might break into your online accounts and wipe them clean of available funds. So, even though it might be free to sign up for Regular Dollars it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.


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  • There are absolutely no benefits of signing up to Regular Dollars.


  • Your personal information is at stake. There’s a high chance it will be sold on to fraudsters.
  • You will not make any money with Regular Dollars.
  • Hyped up earnings designed to make you throw logic out the window.


Final Thoughts


Regular Dollars targets anybody that’s susceptible to a scam. They’ll try to entice you with fake earnings so that you don’t question the true motive of the site i.e. to fish out your personal details and sell them on.


The scam is very effective because it’s free to sign up for Regular Dollars. It’s a treacherous trap because most people will think they have nothing to lose if they sign up and never make money.




Free club entry means more people will provide their details to the site without giving it a second thought. Hopefully nothing sinister results from it, but chances are your details will be sold to spammers and on a really bad day you might be a victim of identity fraud.


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