Is Manifestation Millionaire a Scam? Step into the Portal of Fortunes

I’ve reviewed tonnes of online money making systems but not one quite like the one I came across recently. The Manifestation Millionaire system explores ideas that are beyond the normal realm of internet marketing. I was intrigued to see if the product would actually help me turn my money-making dreams into reality.

Manifestation Millionaire claims you can make money by simply changing your mindset. Most people would dismiss this product without giving it a second thought but I’d like to pop the hood and see whether it can actually make money. Is this product the genuine article or is it yet another scam waiting to snatch your hard-earned funds?

Manifestation Millionaire System by Darren Regan

Darren Regan claims that Manifestation Millionaire works by changing the way you think thus changing your lifestyle and creating fortunes.

The eBook supposedly alters your outlook to achieve a positive mind state, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (we all need some positivity in our lives) but the bad news is that this product is not the solution to help you create a thriving business or to learn about internet marketing.

The technique that Darren talks about is something that sounds like it comes out of science fiction movie, he calls it “Portal Jumping”. Unfortunately, you don’t get to literally jump through portals.

Darren explains that “Portal Jumping” is all about altering your mindset. In his own words Darren tells us that:

It’s like a backdoor built into the fabric of the Universe opens up. You just “jump” through to an entirely new world. People, places, things, and events begin to change around you…Lack and limitation disappear. Abundance and opportunity show up everywhere you turn.

This statement sounds very philosophical and shares a lot of similarities to the controversial theory of the Law of Attraction.

Darren tries to distance himself from the above the notion and clearly states in the sales video that the ideas for the Manifestation Millionaire are not taken from the Law of Attraction.




Darren makes a bit a blunder by forgetting to remove an old sales page which clearly shows that the Manifestation Millionaire system is inspired by the Law of Attraction (see below).


Darren is trying to disassociate himself from the Law of Attraction but his process shares plenty of similarities. He claims that his method uses the latest advances in neuroscience. I don’t doubt that his eBook can sway you to take a more positive outlook on life but I’m yet to be convinced that this would extend into creating a successful online business.

The principles described in the eBook are derived from “mirror neurons” which do exist but there isn’t conclusive evidence to show what they actually do. There’s a lot of debate whether they actually help with intellectual ability. The lack of evidence has naturally resulted in plenty speculation around mirror neurons

Extravagant Claims

Self-improvement is a very good thing. I am a firm supporter of self-belief, it is what propelled me to build a business from scratch but I worked my butt off to make a success of it. Darren’s claims are difficult to believe.

Even though it is great to believe in yourself you still need to take action for something to happen. Darren’s sales pitch suggests that you just have to think about what you want and that’s enough for it to happen.


This is the part that I don’t agree with. If I wanted to build a business I couldn’t just sit back, think about it and then all of a sudden it is there. You can’t simply think about owning a big house or making a lot of money and suddenly those thoughts come into existence.

Maybe I’ve got the whole idea wrong and that Darren doesn’t mean for his statements to be taken literally but that is how this is coming across.


The idea of jumping through a fictitious portal will not give you that luxury SUV you’ve always wanted. The alternative scenario is jumping through a portal, committing yourself to learn the skills to build an online business, working hard, never giving up and making money in the long run. This will definitely get you the car and whatever else you want but unfortunately, people want results without the hard work. Darren is trying to convince us that we can wish things into existence as a way to try and sell us his eBook.

Can Darren Back Up His Claims?

The Manifest Millionaire sales video goes through a lot of content in the 40-minute video but it has very little proof that the methods described actually work.

The entire product is based on the principle of belief i.e. you need to believe it for it to work. The sales video is relying on the fact that you just go along and believe in it.

The customer testimonials featured on the site look like they are from real people. Usually these type of products would use stock photos and fake testimonials but this doesn’t appear to the case with Manifest Millionaire. It’s difficult to gauge whether these are genuine customers or maybe just friends that have agreed to help create a buzz around the product. As far as I can tell the customer images are not stock photos.

So at this point the only assurance we’ve got is the backing of customer testimonials, that we can’t prove whether they’re genuine or not, and Darren’s word as evidence that this product works. This isn’t enough proof.

Who is Darren Regan anyway? Is he somebody that we can trust? I couldn’t find any details about him online which led me to think that he not real. Now that, I can believe.

If you go ahead and buy Manifest Millionaire I’d like to warn you beforehand about the amount of upsells you’ll be bombarded with. There’s plenty:


A product with upsells shouldn’t automatically be looked at negatively but there should always be a level of transparency beforehand so that you know what you’re signing up to.


  • The training will get enhance your self-belief


  • Exaggerated claims about ideas that cannot be proved to work in reality.
  • Darren claims that you can make money simply by thinking about it. I highly doubt it.



Is the Manifestation Millionaire a scam? It would be unfair to brand this product to a scam. You are provided with detailed eBook to improve yourself.

The fact that it isn’t a scam doesn’t mean that this product is recommended. Manifestation Millionaire is exaggerated to the max, suggesting that you’ll become rich as soon as you complete reading the eBook. Don’t buy into the hype that you’ll become a success just by thinking about it, but if it’s self-improvement that you’re after then go ahead and buy the product.

I wholeheartedly agree that a positive frame of mind is crucial in your endeavours to make money online, you will need this to get through the low points but you’ll need more than just a good mindset.

Making a full-time online income requires skills that you can learn here, experience, patience, a small monetary investment and (most importantly) taking consistent action

My advice is to not spend your time and energy on Manifestation Millionaire, it is NOT a reliable source of online income. There are better ways to make money online and I’d recommend that you click here to see how I built my very own successful online business from scratch.