Is Get My Ads A Scam? I recently crossed paths with a get-rich-quick product known as Get My Ads (GMA). It offered me the opportunity to make a lot of cash through advertising. Normally I’d be able to sniff out a scam from the onset especially if it has anything to do with Binary Options Trading but because this product takes a different approach I was intrigued to find out what the catch was.

To kick things off we are introduced to Frank Hanson who describes how major tech companies like Google create revenue streams through advertisements. He then explains that we can replicate this same successful model and earn commissions by selling advertisements to interested parties. Can Frank be trusted? Does his system deliver on its promises? Let’s find out…      

Product Review of Get My Ads

Product Name: Get My Ads
Cost: Free sign up, $50 per Ad Pack, $50,000
Owner/s: Frank Hanson
Rating: 1/10 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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What can you expect from Get My Ads?

The main sales page on the GMA website is illustrated below. It looks genuine, modern and doesn’t scream out scam. So far so good.


Signing up to Get My Ads system is free BUT you will need to buy tokens, which cost $50 each, for ad packs. If you have a product or service you can redeem the tokens to advertise them. Tokens are also used as a means of attracting potential members to sign up for Get My Ads. There’s also a daily 1% that you make on your tokens. 

GetMyAds claims that there are other avenues to earn cash including:

Membership– When you recruit affiliates you earn $6 for every token that your recruits buy.

Membership Bonus– When you expand your affiliate team by a minimum of 2 levels, you earn an extra commission from your sub-affiliates.

Mentorship- If you bring on board several affiliates and they enlist their own affiliates GMA will reward you up to 16% commission extra for growing your team.

Bulk Purchase- When you buy a large sum of tokens, like 500 tokens, GetMyAds will give you a bonus for your loyalty.    

How about Someone with an existing Website or Product?

If you already have a product or website that you’re promoting, you can provide the promotional material to GetMyAds to advertise and distribute it throughout its large ad networks.


How about Someone completely new to Advertising?

If you’re not in the fortunate position of owning an existing website or product, GetMyAds explains that your Ad packs can be used to promote GetMyAds itself and affiliate commission earned as you grow your team of recruits.  

The flaws of using GetMyAds

This would be a lucrative business model if GetMyAds lived up to their promises. I identified a few potential issues that weren’t made very clear by GMA-

  1. Who are their Ad networks?

The topic on ad networks is vague at best. GetMyAds claims to have 75 Ad Networks but no details are provided of who these are. The lack of detail seems as though the benefit of promoting ads via an ad network wasn’t given enough thought. If this method of promotion will be your primary income stream, keep in mind that GetMyAds doesn’t provide information such as names of the networks, timescales, or analytics.   

  1. Enlisting Affiliates = Pyramid Scheme

The image below is shown by GetMyAds to demonstrate their affiliate program. If you’ve never seen how a pyramid scheme works then this is a good representation. Be careful what you sign up for:


Clearly the Affiliate program is where GetMyAds have invested their efforts in hopes that more members sign up. The 75 ad networks, to promote your products and services, are hardly spoken about.  

  1. Payment Delays

A payment delay is the last thing you want to experience when earning money through an ad revenue share service. Given that GetMyAds has been operating for some time it’s surprising to find that they don’t pay some of their members on time. Cashflow issues perhaps?

Frankly I wasn’t expecting it to be plain sailing given that the main revenue stream relies on recruiting more affiliates to keep the cash flowing and payments going out. If you’re a fresh recruit, please don’t expect to be making tonnes of cash.

Here is what GetMyAds have stated in the disclaimer relating to payouts-  

“GetMyAds Company holds complete discretionary rights over payout. The payout of the payback is after 600 days. It can be before on if the GetMyAds Company have any offer at that point of time”

The above disclaimer suggests that GMA will not payout any money for nearly 2 years, which is worrying.  

  1. Huge financial Commitment

You must buy a large number of Tokens before you can start making money. GetMyAds claims that you can make a return on investment of up to $537 per day. Given that the daily payout is only 1% of your token amount, it would mean buying $50,000 worth of tokens before you can enjoy the fantastic $537/day payout. The payout promise is a shiny object placed there to entice you into buying more tokens.  

  1. Don’t Expect to get your initial investment back

GetMyAds provides the following illustration to show how the token money is split up:  


40% is allocated to the payback program which apparently provides you and other members the 1% return per day on purchased tokens. Another 40% is provided to the Affiliate program to pay commissions for recruits. The remaining 20% is retained by GetMyAds.    

The only earnings you can rely on are those received from the 1% payback for your tokens. Any extra earnings are made through getting more people to sign up for the service as your affiliates.    


  • Signing up to GetMyAds is free.


  • You must invest in advertising tokens before you can start earning.
  • No actual products or services are provided by the company.
  • You are clicking your own advertisements thus creating fake traffic.
  • The main product is recruiting more members to sign up.
  • $537 per day can only be achieved once you have bought $50,000 of tokens.

GetMyAds is an inferior & risky product

GetMyAds main strategy is to get you to sign up as many recruits as possible to earn commission which in turn makes them a bucket load of money. Your affiliates help to inject cash into the payback program to pay the 1% per day payouts. Eventually the affiliate program will generate more money than the payback system itself.

If you DON’T like the idea of a pyramid-style system, then this is not the program to go for. Even if you manage to maintain a successful recruitment drive, there’s no guarantee of when you will get paid because the owners decide when to pay you. 600 days is a long time to wait.


These types of ad revenue businesses usually go bankrupt when new memberships start to slow down or stop. Why? Because the company’s cashflow comes from memberships rather than selling actual products and services. Do you really want to be waiting for long periods hoping that the company remains afloat so you can get paid? It’s not a situation I’d like to find myself in.    

Why not invest in a sustainable business model that costs a lot less to implement and guarantees a long term passive income?

I recommend staying away from GetMyAds. Don’t waste your money on $50 ad tokens that would be worthless if the company were to cease.  Learn how I created an online business from scratch.


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