Inbox Blueprint’s creator, Anik Signal, states that you can earn $5,000 within 2 months of using his system. If you don’t achieve this, he promises to personally support you and reveal the aspects of your business that need fixing.

In this review, I’ll demonstrate whether Inbox Blueprint is a profitable system worth your time and money or if it’s simply an internet scam designed to grab your hard-earned cash.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

  • Name of Product: Inbox Blueprint
  • Owner: Anik Singal
  • Type of Product: Email Marketing Course
  • Cost: $997 or 3 payments of $397
  • Who Is This Product Best For? Expert Marketers

Inbox Blueprint Summary

Inbox Blueprint is a well-placed email marketing system that assists individuals to profit through list building, however, this program is costly and it’s a bit complex for newbies with no prior knowledge of earning money on the internet.

Product Rating: 75/100

Would I Recommend This Product? Yes, but only for expert marketers.

If you’re starting out on your online business with little or no experience, you should check out my leading recommendation for newbies and experts. This all-inclusive package provides all the resources and training needed to build a thriving website from the ground up.

How Does Inbox Blueprint Work?

Inbox Blueprint is an extensive Email Marketing course containing several resources. Anik’s program concentrates on showing you how to create lucrative lists from your email subscribers.

Anik explains that a single subscriber can make you $1 per month, therefore, once your list is big enough e.g. 4500 subscribers, your minimum earnings will be $4500 per month.

Anik Singal, Who Is He?

I’d like to give you some background about the owner Anik Singal before continuing with the Inbox Blueprint review.

Anik is an established online businessman who is ranked as one of the highest 3 young entrepreneurs by the Businessweek magazine. Impressive accomplishment!

In addition to that, his business, Lurn Inc, has been awarded the title of Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2 years consecutively.


It’s reassuring to see that Anik clearly knows what he’s doing. Next up, I’d like to compare Inbox Blueprint 2.0 versus 1.0.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Versus 1.0

The first version, Inbox Blueprint 1.0 was initially made available back in January 2014 which followed with the latest version, 2.0, in 2017.

Below are the differences between both systems-

  1. Version 2.0 does not come with Upsells.
  2. The latest program contains more resources.
  3. Blueprint 2.0 comes with more automation.
  4. A big price hike between the lastest and oldest version.

Below are the extra resources within Version 2.0-

  • Proprietary Content Engine (offers you distinct content).
  • 1 Year of 24/7 Support.
  • 2 Weeks Free Access to the Autoresponder SendLane Start.
  • A great email automation tool named LaunchPad (more on this later on).
  • Structured Lesson Plan with Assignments (Step-by-step tutorial).
  • First Bonus: Free 1-Year Membership to Lurn VIP (It gives you access to coaching, live training, community and more).
  • Second Bonus: Traffic Academy (Training for Paid and Free Traffic Methods).
  • Third Bonus: 6-Week Quick Start Course (Assists you to reach 1,000 subscribers within 6 weeks).

It’s difficult to quantify the value of the above list of features especially if you’re new to email marketing. Some of the resources are worded in a gimmicky way to add to their appeal.

According to Anik one of the features is worth nearly $2,000 but how do we know if that’s true? In the next few sections, I’ll breakdown the tools, support and lessons provided by Inbox Blueprint to see if the program is really worth the money.

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Profiting with Inbox Blueprint

To make it easier for newbies, let me show you the process of email marketing and what part Inbox Blueprint plays.

Here are the 4 steps to Email Marketing

  • First Step: Direct traffic to your webpage.
  • Second Step: Provide your audience with a free bonus to sign up to your mailing list (List building).
  • Third Step: Follow-up with your subscribers and create a rapport without selling to them immediately.
  • Fourth Step: Profit from your subscribers by marketing relevant products (This can be a product of your own or a third party’s product i.e. Affiliate Marketing).

Inbox Blueprint leverages the above steps and helps you to enhance your list building skills.

Inbox Blueprint assists you to:

  • Discover a lucrative niche/segment.
  • Create a landing page and subscriber magnet (free bonus).
  • Send traffic to your landing page.
  • Create captivating follow-up emails.
  • Source suitable affiliate products to market to your subscribers and make profits.

Thanks to Anik, Inbox Blueprint is packed with several useful resources and offers you all the tools required to improve your chances of success at Email Marketing.

Inbox Blueprint Tools, Tutorials and Support

Now that we know the process involved, let’s look a bit deeper into Inbox Blueprint and how it can build you a profitable online business.


There are 8 steps to the training provided by Inbox Blueprint and I’ll give you a short summary of each step:

  • First Step: Addiction Meter – Choosing the best niche for your business.
  • Second Step: The Bait – Creating an opt-in page and lead magnet.
  • Third Step: Your TYP (Thank You Page) – Designing an effective “Thank you page” that helps you to start making money.
  • Fourth Step: Email Machine -leveraging your Autoresponder.
  • Fifth Step: List Relationship – Writing your Emails to create trust and build rapport with your subscribers.
  • Sixth Step: Payday Secrets -monetising your list with different techniques.
  • Seventh Step: Easy Traffic – different methods of sending targeted traffic to your opt-in page.
  • Eighth Step: Unlimited Success – increasing your conversion rate and growing your business.

Inbox Blueprint offers a thorough training guide which walks you through everything that you need to know. It’s designed for individuals that want to use Email Marketing to grow their current business or for anybody that’s finding Email Marketing to be a challenge.

I would NOT recommend Inbox Blueprint for newbies with limited or no experience. Why? Because it’s difficult to achieve results without the right footing in online marketing.

Have You Made Any Money Online Yet?

If you’re a complete beginner then you’re better off with my Recommended Product for Newbies. You can always return back to Inbox Blueprint once you’ve built your online business and gained some internet marketing experience.


LAUNCHPAD is the most vital feature of Inbox Blueprint. It’s an automated feature which took 14 months to be developed by Anik.

Aside from the great tutorials, LaunchPad is clearly a front runner against the competition.

How do you use LaunchPad? Below is a brief video demonstrating its capabilities:

In a nutshell, LaunchPad is a feature that lets you seamlessly create your opt-in pages, auto-responders and content to attract leads.

The first version of Inbox Blueprint did not come with the above automation, therefore, it was difficult to implement the actions taught in the training.

However, with LaunchPad you can easily customise your opt-in sequences.

Seasoned marketers will notice the similarities between Inbox Blueprint and other email marketing systems such as ClickFunnels or LeadPages.

Does Inbox Blueprint come with Support?

Inbox Blueprint comes with a dedicated support team to help with queries.

You get 1-year of complimentary 24/7 support included in the package. You’ll have access to expert coaches employed by Lurn Inc to support you at any time.

In addition to the above, you are given 1-year access to the Lurn VIP membership which allows you to connect with the Lurn community and interact with its members.

Is Inbox Blueprint Expensive To Join?

The core version of Inbox Blueprint 1.0 will cost you $250 + an additional Upsell that costs $297. Total Cost is $547.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is more expensive, however, it’s more advanced and doesn’t come with Upsells. You can pay an upfront cost of $997 or 3 instalments of $397. The total cost of the instalments is $1,191.

Are They Any Hidden Costs?

Although Inbox Blueprint 2.0 doesn’t come with Upsells, there are several additional costs that you need to consider.

(1) Domain and Hosting fees

Before you can start creating your opt-in pages, you’ll have to pay for hosting and a domain for your landing page/s. This applies to all internet businesses.

Hosting and domain fees are usually in the region of $30-$40 annually.

(2) Autoresponder

You are given 2 weeks free access to Inbox Blueprint’s Autoresponder called SendLane.

The autoresponder feature is a highly important feature because it streamlines and automates your Email Marketing business, therefore, you’ll need to pay for it when the trial period ends.

The SendLane autoresponder package will cost between $20 to $30 per month.

My Top Recommendation: Access Market Leading Affiliate Marketing Training to Create a Full-Time Income.

(3) The Cost of Paid Traffic

Have you already got an existing website or email list? If not, then it will be a steep climb to grow your Email Marketing business through organic (free) traffic.

Although Inbox Blueprint shows you how to obtain free traffic, it will require plenty of effort and time to achieve similar results as paying for traffic.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality of online marketing (I’d rather be honest with you).

As a result of the above, I’d urge all newbies to start here before considering paying for traffic. 

Paid traffic takes a fair amount of tweaking before you can get it right, therefore, you need to have a big advertising budget for this type of traffic if you want to grow your business quickly.


There’s a strong possibility that you could spend $600 for paid traffic and not make a profit. You could even lose money if none of that traffic buys any of your recommendations. It all boils down optimizing your traffic campaigns and gaining experience.

You can start to see how the cost can easily mount up. If you paid $997 for Inbox Blueprint 2.0 and an extra $600 for paid traffic, and it didn’t make you any money, that would be a very costly investment.

There is a cheaper and less risky way to start a profitable online business. Click this link to find out how you can get started.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Inbox Blueprint


(1) Top-Notch Training Provided

As previously mentioned, Inbox Blueprint provides high-quality and up-to-date lessons.

The training is user-friendly and it shows you how to start from nothing all the way to making profits with your email list.

If you’re after a solid piece of Email Marketing training, you should consider Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

(2) 1 Year of 24/7 Support

You are provided with specialist coaches and access to the Lurn community for the first year.

The Lurn community is active and a good place to learn even more. There are plenty of gold nuggets inside the community.

If you stick to the training and put what you’ve learnt into practice, you’re guaranteed to make profits before the 1-year window elapses.


(3) LaunchPad is Impressive

As mentioned earlier, LaunchPad is an all-inclusive feature that helps you to create customised autoresponders, opt-in pages, bonuses and a lot more.

It’s a well-built resource which simplifies the entire email marketing cycle.


(1) Not Recommended for Newbies

The lessons are user-friendly for beginners and experts, however, if you’re totally new to the concept of earning money online then it’s much more challenging to take action and reach the desired outcomes.

In addition to this, most newbies won’t have the financial resources to pay for this costly product as well as the high expense of paid traffic.

(2) Anik Did Not Create The Training Lessons

Although Inbox Blueprint was created by Anik, he relied upon someone else to create the training tutorials.

If you’re anticipating that Anik will be teaching you for the duration of the course, he won’t be.

However, the lessons are created by specialists in his team that deliver a valuable course to teach you everything that you need to know.

(3) You Can’t Get a Refund

Before investing a big chunk of your money into Inbox Blueprint, you should know that there are no refunds or free trial periods. Your choices are either pay 3 instalments of $397 or a one-off fee of $997.


The reason for the “no refund policy” is due to the instant access that you are given to the wealth of resources as soon as you become a member.

My Top Recommendation: Access Market Leading Affiliate Marketing Training to Make a Full-Time Income.

Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam?

Inbox Blueprint is definitely NOT a scam. It’s an authentic product designed for those that want to focus on profiting from Email Marketing.

The features on offer are cutting-edge as well as the solid training and support, however, if you have little or zero experience in internet marketing, this might not be the best product to start with.

Naturally, this leads me to my next question…

How Do I Use The Internet to Make a Full-Time Salary?

Like with anything else, making money online is a skill that can be learnt, it only requires a bit of dedication and consistency but it’s totally worth it when you can one day walk into your boss’s office and fire him/her.

I’ve personally learn’t how to generate a monthly income stream, with no previous knowledge. I can work where I want and when I want. You can do the same too. Find out more here.

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