Click University Product Review: If you are searching for ways to earn a sizeable sum of money on the internet then chances are you’ve probably heard of or signed up with Clickbank.  They are massive!!!

Clickbank is a huge market place where product designers and internet marketers can sell and promote digital information products. You can sign up with your own product to sell or as a internet marketer that promotes products already in the Clickbank market place. Or if you are up for the challenge of doing both then by all means do so.

So I guess you’re probably asking how Clickbank stacks up against the competition? Will they make you a millionaire? Lets have a look shall we.

Clickbank University Product Review

Clickbank University

Cost: $1 Trial Offer → $47 per month → $297 per year plus upsell
Owner/s: Justin Allen and Adam Horitz
Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆


Who owns Clickbank University (CBU) and how long has it been around? CBU is relatively new, it was started by Justin and Adam in 2014 and has been a huge success. 

I will be showing you why CBU is such a success and looking at the pros and cons of the course. I bet you feel like you’re back at school.

Although CBU is not a scam, its does have a few downsides. If you are looking for a big league product that teaches you how to earn a consistent income online, without the need to create a product, then check out this free course.      

Who Was Clickbank University Created For?

The CBU course is designed to educate the newbie or veteran alike how to generate money through the creation of digital information products and selling those products online.

The main thing to keep in mind here is- if you’re a specialist in a given area then CBU could be the place to help you create your digital product and take it to market.  

Once you start learning to market your given product you will undoubtedly start gathering knowledge on becoming a top-notch affiliate marketer. If you need to know more about starting an affiliate marketing business click here.

CBU teaches strategies that are tailored to use within the Clickbank marketplace but the positive thing here is that the same strategies can be taken and used elsewhere.

Adam-and-Justin Clickbank Uni

The 7 day trial costs a whopping $1 but is limited to introductory videos. Quick hint- you can watch the intro videos on Youtube before deciding whether to take things further.    

My #1 top product of choice offers 7 days FREE access to their upgraded version plus you get to keep your free account for as long as you like.

If you are dead set on signing up with CBU then the best approach is to start with the $47 per month membership for access to the whole course and see whether it suits your style of learning. 

If you opt for the yearly membership of $297 (+ upsell of $97) then do so only if-

  • You are happy with the course and how its structured.
  • You want to save money by buying yearly (which works out cheaper).

As mentioned earlier, Clickbank University is legit but personally I feel there’s competing products that provide a lot more resources for the same money. Having said that, CBU could be better suited to some than others, due to the different perspectives on marketing. This is down to experience and preference.   

What type of training is provided?

Even though the course is mainly for newbies, many accomplished marketers have been known to sign up to the course, try it for themselves and have given very positive reviews of new topics that were learnt and existing topics that they polished up on.  

Making money online is a constantly changing process and the learning never stops. Techniques that were used a few years ago will most likely be outdated today. CBU does a good job at keeping their course up to date with new internet and search engine updates e.g. the dreaded Google ‘animal’ algorithms.


Once you get access to the CBU course you are provided with various tool to get you started. These include-

  • Beginners Training- this provides an introduction to creating your product, finding a niche, marketing and selling your product).
  • Website builder.
  • Advanced training module.
  • Affiliate training module.
  • E-mail listing training module.
  • SEO training module.
  • Social media usage.
  • PPC usage.
  • Live Seminars.
  • CBU Community.

The course covers a lot of ground and is well put together. One of my gripes with the course is that it has some restrictions, for example, the beginners course can only be done in weekly sets and would take a total of 8 weeks. Now I’m not sure whether CBU has made an assumption that everyone learns at the same rate but personally I think this type of restriction should be removed to allow members to learn at whatever speed they choose, whether fast or slow.



Another tool at CBU is the ‘done for you’ module which creates a website for you and tailors it to your needs. One thing to be aware of is that it requires you to pay more money if you want a good looking site. If you’re not careful you could end up spending a lot more money on a website.

If you would like to build your very own website, for your chosen niche, then you can do so without spending extra money. Just click here

Similar to my above recommendation, CBU also includes a community feature as part of the package which I think is a much needed part for any course or product as it allows newbies to rub shoulders with successful marketers and ask questions, get hints and tips or maybe even a few shortcuts. CBU have done a good job to include this!


  • An abundance of Video Training to help you get started.
  • Access to Live weekly seminars.
  • Adam and Justin (the owners) don’t just preach their methods, they use them and regularly interact with the community.
  • Reliable customer support when required.
  • The CBU course is a good starting point for newbies. 
  • 60 Day money back guarantee (similar to a majority of clickbank products).
  • Easy website builder for your chosen niche (although this depends on your budget).


  • Weekly lesson restriction prohibits you from moving on if you complete the lesson sooner. 
  • Interaction within the community could be better.
  • You will need to cough up extra cash for building your website and hosting. 
  • Training could be better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword search and other marketing techniques.

My Final Say

Taking everything into account, the CBU course is put together very well and can help you to start making money online. Before I started my online business I did a lot of research on products that could teach and support me- CBU was amongst my top 3 ranking products, but I found a leading “university” which included all the CBU features and more plus it didn’t charge extra for website creation and hosting.

CBU needs to beef up their SEO material. If you don’t know much about SEO, its a part of marketing that is essential if you want to be successful at selling your products online. 

clickbank university training tools

Another thing that I picked up is that a few lessons assume that students have prior knowledge and speed through sections that newbies could find hard to grasp. 

And finally, the pricing could be better. Although $97 isn’t going to break the bank, I think the price should be more in line with rival products which include website building, hosting and keyword searching in the monthly cost!

The CBU course is great and you can see that the owners are genuine, CBU is not a scam! Both students and seasoned affiliates have many positive reviews about the course.

As always, thanks for dropping in. Have you used CBU before? or are you thinking of taking the course? Do you need any questions answering? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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