How To Avoid Work From Home Scams


Avoiding work from home scams is easier than you think once you know what to look out for. I’m no different to anyone else looking for online opportunities. It’s tempting to try out a product that promises infinite wealth. The only difference is how YOU handle that temptation.

Let’s check out some of the crafty techniques used by scammers to try and extort your money. I will also walk you through good practices to avoid scams and easy warning signs to look out for-

(1). First thing’s first. Don’t even think about taking out your credit before you’ve thoroughly researched what you are about to pay for. When I say research, I mean checking out what other people have to say about the product.

Make sure you visit external websites rather that looking at testimonials on the actual product site which might and most likely be fake.


(2) The product promises to make you money. But HOW exactly does it do this? 

Many scam sites have prospered by using a simple method of luring victims into “the SECRET way of earning $10,000 p/week”.

The emphasis on the word secret is a tactic that works really well because it plays on people’s curiosity and makes it easy to give into the temptation of buying a product “that can earn you easy money”…CURIOSITY killed the cat and in this case it could kill your wallet.

(3) A “sales pitch” video promising huge earnings and a lavish lifestyle if you use their product.

If you come across a site promising an unrealistically high income that can be earned within a short time i.e. make $5,000 a day or something to that effect I’d tread carefully if I were you. This is an age old trick that plays on people’s greed to make huge sums of cash with very little or no effort on your part.

This kind of system does not exist! Leave that site and delete it from your browser history. You will save yourself a lot of frustration and a lot of money.

Fake earnings

(4) The illusion of a limited sign up period / product to get you to pay up quickly

Scam sites tend to rush you into making a decision without you properly thinking things through. This tactic will usually suggest that the product/system is in high demand and very limited supply. The illusion of scarcity will then fuel demand for the product and trick you and many others into thinking that you are missing out on an awesome offer. The scammers know all too well that people will fall for this trick. Don’t be one of them.

This kind of impulse buying will lose you money. You’re better off taking your money and buying everyone’s Christmas presents in advance, heck you could probably throw in birthday gifts with the amount of money you would have lost. Be rational before investing in a product. Research and trial the product first.


(5) Location-based information showing on the website

You come across an online money-making opportunity, you have a look at the website and to your amazement, it shows available opportunities in your local area. Wow, this must be your lucky day! Not.

This method of trickery is made possible by a technology called geo-targeting which is a bit of code (added to the scam site) that can see your computer’s location and shows it on the website along with any fake opportunities that are being sold to you.

Once more, this is an additional scam element to fool you into purchasing.

(6) ‘Fake’ testimonials 

Testimonials from happy customers are a good way of gauging whether a product is good or not. This allows YOU to decide if the product/system you are about to buy is a worthy opportunity. Scammers have cottoned onto this and abused this resource by writing up fake testimonials on their sites to lure you into a false sense of security. 

All that’s needed by the scammers is the little time required to make up and write whatever they please. Its easy to do and if they are convincing at creating fake products, just imagine how convincing their testimonials will be.

To add a bit more authenticity to their product, scammers might also pay actors to create fake video testimonials. Believe or not, plenty of actors can be found online and provide this service for as little as $5.00.

Make sure you scrutinize video testimonials and look out for any over-the-top claims of fortune. You might be shown a screenshot of a fake bank account or a list of fake sales which can easily be put together (see below).

Fake Testimonials

(7) Popup discounts being offered when you try to leave the site

An annoying popup appears when you have just about had enough and attempt to leave the site. The popups are placed on the site by the scammers to try to convince you to change your mind by offering you a further discount or a one-time offer.

If a site uses this sales method, this should ring alarm bells to you. If they are successful in getting you to sign up at the cheaper price, they will make that money back in the long run when they sell more stuff to you i.e. upgrades, once you are signed up to their program.

(8) No Name, No Shame.

If a website is trying to sell you an online opportunity but tries very hard to hide or doesn’t offer the name/details about the owners then you should be worried because the lack of transparency means that they are keeping some secrets from you.

You should be able to trust a site and the information that it’s providing. If they don’t tell you about themselves then this should be a big warning sign. Walk away quick. 

(9) Have They Ask You For Your Phone Number???

If the site keeps insisting on you providing them with your phone number then this is another gimmick to give you the perception that support and help is only a phone call away. Don’t be fooled! Once you’ve given them your number you will get endless sales calls to pay more money for add-ons or expensive upgrades.

(10) No product support or contact details 

Are you finding it hard to get contact details for the website?  If its impossible to get in touch with the owners of the site, you should be concerned.

It’s not rocket science for a website owner to put a contact email address or contact form on their site. So why wouldn’t they?

Because they don’t want you to bother them once they have your money.

Leave the site as quick as you can and don’t look back.

Thinking of starting an online business but tired of scams-

Thanks for dropping by. Are you thinking of buying a work from home product but not sure whether its genuine? Please leave your comments below.

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